You Never Know

I was shopping at Fashion Bug for women's jeans. I had on a bra with breast forms, girdle with nylon stockings, panties and and an  all in one..  While in the dressing room I removed the dress I was wearing  and suddenly felt quite a tingle.  I was putting on the jeans and all of a sudden it happpened.  I took the jeans off and fortunately had tissues in my purse with me.  to clean myself up. 
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4 Responses Sep 9, 2012

So what? you're a trannie and you excited yourself?? I'm sorry you're so lonely and in need of company!

How did you reach that conclusion?

Oh it's not important! I like your sense of humour though !


*** in it, buy it I always say! After all,try to act like ladies!!!!!

Is the Girl Scot motto, Be Prepared?

I love the unexpected ****** too, although I've never tried on women's clothes in a dressing room. I think you were smart to have tissues available while shopping. I wonder how many of us gurls have accidently blown their gaskets while trying on a dress, skirt, jeans, etc. I also wonder how many sales clerks have discovered *** in the clothes their customers were trying on.

The lingerie, bras and panties can be so sexy that there is likely a high pecenrtage.

Don't ya love it when that happens? Good thing you had a tissue.

Hi Nita, It was unexpected. Must have been a Girl Scout in a former life (lol).