The Receptionist Outfit

This was an early encounter in my crossdressing life. I was probably 13 or 14 at the time, still exploring, still learning about various clothes, fabrics, etc.

Anyhow, at the time, my folks owned a small business in town. The office entry way had a desk where the receptionist would take calls, greet the clients, coordinate appointments, etc. The women had something of a uniform. There were usually a couple of variations to the uniform - pants/top vs. dress. The uniforms would change style over time as well.

Since my parents owned the business, they would supply the uniform for the receptionists. My mom had a closet in a spare bedroom with clothes she no longer wore, but for some reason, didn't get rid of. By the time I discovered my desires to crossdress, there were all kinds of clothes that had accumulated. I used to have fun finding things in there to wear. One day, I was rumaging through the closet, being a nosy little tranny at the time, and discovered one of the uniforms hanging in was a pants/top version. In this case, it was a polyester yellow top with white trim with a pair of polyester white slacks. Sounds icky by today's standards, but in the mid 70s, it was "the clinical office look." LOL

While I was far more enamoured with skirts and dresses, I thought why not try a pair of women's slacks? So...I got out a pair of suntan colored L'eggs pantyhose (so popular at the time) and slid them up my legs. I was already quite excited. I then slipped on the yellow top, followed by the white polyester pants. Oooo! The poly pants were felt quite slippery in conjunction with the pantyhose - much different than when I had worn pantyhose under jeans. I have to say, it did feel good. Of course, the outfit wouldn't be complete without shoes of some sort. The receptionists were required to wear a white shoe, and most wore a white, lace up walking shoe, similar to those that nurses often wear. However, a few of the receptionists deviated from the nurse style shoe and would wear heels or clogs, which were popular at the time. And it just so happened, there was a pair of white clogs in the closet my mother no longer wore. They were perfect for this particular outfit. I slid the clogs on my nylon covered feet. Ahhh...outfit complete!

So, I walked around the house, enjoying the feeling of the poly pants brushing my legs and boy parts under the pantyhose. I was also enjoying the clogs. I am blessed/cursed with narrow feet for a male. Blessed because it is easy finding women's shoes to fit. Cursed because I cannot easily wear slides, mules, clogs, etc....any shoe that is open in the back.

As I would walk, the clogs would slide around on my feet. This was even more exaggerated while wearing pantyhose. Occasionally, I would take a step, and the clog would slip off my foot completely. I found this rather amusing. It was at that point that I had this odd thought. I figured if I were to dive into a swimming pool with clogs on, they would most likely come off my feet.

Suddenly, the random thought turned into a burning desire. Suddenly, I had the most incredible urge to find out what it would be like to get wet in these clothes! I don't know why these thoughts/urges come over me like that...but this one did big time. I was too worried at that time about going out into the backyard, and diving/jumping into the swimming pool dressed this way, for fear of someone seeing me. I decided to pass on the pool, in favor of slipping into a full bath dressed in this outfit.

My heart was pounding as I walked toward the bathroom. I had that queasy, butterfly filled stomach feeling as I turned on the water and started filling the tub. I stood up looking down into the tub with very weak knees and a massive erection as the water was nearing the level of being full. I could feel my hardon throbbing inside those nylons and slacks, and probably just dripping pre-***.

Finally, the moment arrived, and the tub was full. My breathing was rapid, and shallow, I turned off the water, and sat on the edge of the tub, contemplating how to go about this. Perhaps going slowly; one foot at a time? Both feet in all at once? And then, I felt that odd sensation approaching. The excitement level had reached a point of no return. I had experienced this sensation a couple of times before and realized what was happening. This wasn't going as planned. An ****** was on its way already and I wasn't going to be able to stop it.

My decision tree changed. Instead of how I was going to about getting wet, now I had to decide between getting wet and not getting wet. I say that because I knew that post-******, the feelings of guilt and shame would set in. If I didn't get wet now, I certainly wouldn't post ******. I felt the first big throb between my legs overcome me. I was only a few seconds away from erupting. Then there was the second big throb. I made my decision.

I fell over sideways into the bathtub! LOL! I was as close to diving or jumping into a pool as one could experience in a tub with about 18 inches of water. Water splashed EVERYWHERE! I allowed myself to experience the sensation of being completely dry to being suddenly soaked - which I love so much. Then came the third big throb between my legs...and I knew that the next orgasmic wave would be accompanied with thick *****. I took a deep breath, reached down and stroked myself through the wet fabrics, arching my back, as ropes of thick, hot ***** filled the gusset of my wet pantyhose, and oozed into the fabric of those wet slacks. I was transported to that other dimension during that brief period of intense pleasure. And then it was over.

As I came back to earth, I sat in the water, and those feelings of guilt swept over me. I sat there, feeling ridiculous wearing a woman's receptionist outfit in the bathtub - wondering to myself why I had this irresistable compulsion to wear women's clothing and get wet in them, only to feel like a complete fool afterward.

I looked at all the water on the floor and the walls, knowing I had quite the mess to clean up. I got out of the clothes, and took them to dry, and then cleaned up the excess water.

By the time I finished, I had recovered and was already thinking about the next time I would get wet dressed this way. As it turns out, I did end up taking a swim in the pool wearing the dress version of the receptionist outfit, but that's story for another time!
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Good story, I used to feel like that and end up doing what you did by falling to the bath on purpose, but I never had an accidental ******, I have always had to help it. I was always dressed as a school girl getting into trouble, I always enjoyed it, but felt guilty after, I am still getting my kicks similarly and sometimes I feel guilty, but its best when I can remain dressed, either wet or dry, and after I have ***.

I understand how you feel. I've learned, just remain dressed afterward. The guilty feelings subside. Eventually, you stop feeling guilty about doing it altogether!