I Have It, But Less Thrilled With It Over Time

I don't know if other folks here use FB. If thhey do, they noticed the changes implemented this week. They seem to be pretty much for the worse, making me wonder what exactly Zuckerberg and company were thinking. For instance, that whole "highlights" feature on the right side column that you can't either filter or dismiss, mostly with useless information, and it does not even reload in a timely fashion. The rub is that, as usual with any big corporation, they think their fuckgrade (let's be clear: you can't call this an "upgrade." An upgrade implies some improvement or better functionality, neither of which are present here) makes things better. And though some people will complain, at the end of the day, unless they get some massive exodus, we'll have to bear with it.

Personally, I may start looking to see if any new social networks out there may be worth exploring. If I wanted a Twitter clone, which is what this seems to have become, I would have gotten a Twitter account. And to think I have had FB since the days when you needed a .edu address to get in. I have seen most of their changes, and with an exception or two, they usually have been for the worse as they either try to imitate MySpace, or Twitter, or I am guessing whatever other trend may be out there. As my old folks used to say, if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. Overall, I have found FB useful to get in touch with some people I have not seen in a while, and I was using it as part of my work in academia. I am thinking it may be interesting to see how college students react to the new changes.

And sorry, I am not telling you folks who I am on FB. Point of this great EP side is to explore experiences safely. Being in a small, extremely conservative (read closeminded bordering on paranoid psychotic ib rednecks) town, I don't think they would like to know about some of my experiences, wink wink. So, in the end, I will hold on to FB a bit longer, but I am very willing to try something else out.

clandestinebookworm clandestinebookworm
36-40, M
Mar 17, 2009