25 Years Of Suffering! No Turning Back!

I was 21 when I first noticed something was going on in my body. I started getting heartburn the kind that's so sever you feel like you're having a heart attack. I scheduled an appointment with a general practitioner and had an upper GI done, they told me I had a hiatal hernia, which caused acid reflux disease. After medications for a few years I begin getting dilated. When I was 25 I found out I had gallstones so the doctor thought after removing my gallbladder i would be ok but i wasnt. I decided to get other opinions and three doctors later I was still being dilated and I was still suffering horrible bouts with heartburn. When I was 45 the 5th gastroenterologist told me he was not able to dilate me any more and he thought I has something more severe. He sent me to Dr. Winter in Stanford, after two failed manometries and one successful one a few X-rays and EKG and heart checks I was diagnosed with Achalasia. I cried that day from exhaustion and excitement. Just knowing the diagnosis was overwhelming after 25 years. I saw Dr. Winter for one year until my diagnosis was confirmed, then I was sent to Dr. Lau, my surgeon at Stanford. I was given options of course.. More ballooning with a bigger balloon, Botox injections (which I'd much rather have in other places), or Heller Myotomy surgery with a wrap. I had surgery November 26, 2012. I was in the hospital two days. I was in pain but I have great pain medication and am still on some. My pain has decreased drastically. I am on fluids now but I notice already that my fluids are remarkably making there way down and out with no problem. I started on oatmeal yesterday and I feel great. Sure I'm hungry, but I'm happy that I'm on my way. Amazing to know that there is hope for this disease. Good Luck to all you achalasians!!
Bonnieface32 Bonnieface32
Dec 6, 2012