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I am 44 years old and live in Norfolk England, I have had achalasia for about 4 years now. My syptoms are probably the same as everyone else although I did not lose much weight, I would keep trying until the food went down (I know just greedy). I finally went to the doctors in October of last year, he thought I had a hernia but he did refer me to my local hospital the N&N. I saw ENT first they found nothing so they referred me to gastro. i had the barium first and then the manomatry test (not very pleasant but not too bad) when I went to see the consultant for the endoscopy he said I know what it is before he did the test, I joked and said "I will go home then" but he said "we will have a look anyway to rule anything nasty out" (cancer). No cancer but I had achalasia, he said "I was an 8 out of 12 for serverity". I had 2 options the balloon or the H/M. I asked him witch one he would have and he said the H/M I was referred then to Mr Cheong the surgeon, he said he would do the operation for me. The operation was in March, the only real pain was in my shoulders from the gas to blow you up.
I was in hospital 28 hors and then allowed home. Fluids for 2 weeks and then mushed food for the following 4 weeks. I saw my surgeon last week for my post op, he was very pleased and I will see him next year. The operation has not been 100% sucessful but close enough for me. From reading other posts I know so far I have gotten away lightly, if like me you knew nothing about the condition my advise is knowledge is power, read as much as you can it will put your mind at ease. Fellow achalsians be well and try to keep smiling! Phil
philsclearingout philsclearingout
May 6, 2012