5 Years Without Knowing What Was Wrong

My symptons started after I had my 2nd child, in 2005. Swallowing was very hard. Doctors kept telling me there was nothing wrong. Lived like that for 3-4 years with symptons getting worse. I also have high anxiety, so I believed it was just stress. About a year ago things got so bad I started throwing up everything I ate. I have dropped 74 lbs and I feel horrible. I was diagnosed with achalasia in August. I have had the upper endoscopy and the motility test. I am waiting now to go back to the doctor to find out what he is going to do. The doctor told my husband, after my endoscopy, that he did not suggest dialation for me because of tearing. He wants to do the surgery. I have been reading allover the internet about it and am scared to death. Also, I just started my job in April of this year and am worried about time off for recovery. Can anyone tell me how long the hospital stay is and what the recovery time is? Is it painful?
Pinkylee Pinkylee
Sep 17, 2012