Winning The Battle Of Achalasia By Accident

It was 13 yrs ago, six months of slowly losing the ability to swallow food completely till not even water would pass down. I lost half my body weight and losing the fighting battle to live.
Finally they found a name for the horrible disease Achalasia
I had a balloon dialation, that didn't work, 3 Heller Myotomy within 3 yrs & 1 botox that was completely useless.
Just over a yr ago I had to give up work completely, I couldn't go on anymore with being up all night in pain and trying to work in pain. I started  injuring myself at work on a daily basis, stressed and unable to think straight, I need sleep & I need it now.
Six months ago I decided to go on a diet, everything I use to eat was no longer to be. I started to eat fish as my only meats, went gluten and dairy free, changed my milk to almond milk, also an oil change to coconut oil. No more fast foods & junk foods, sugar, no more grog.
Hey presto I am a new person, I lost 10 kg and no more pain, no more reflux, my symptoms are all gone. I wished I changed my diet yrs ago, is this all I had to do to feel normal again. All I was trying to do was lose weight, wow.... I never new it would help with my Achalasia as well.
I still have a slight pain with the first mouthful of food & still need water to flush the food down but other than that I feel so good. I am one very happy person now.
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Just had the POEM. It was painful but easily managed with narcotics. I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Marks at UH Case to others who are considering the POEM. They took great care of me. I am also going to cut out sugary foods now to prevent future complications.

I've been having these same problems for the past 3 years and today my doc diagnosed me with Achalasia. Everything you wrote about has happened to me. I will also try the same diet plan that you have tried and hope for the same results! I've also read that hemp oil has improved some peoples symptoms. Has anyone on here tried this???
Tony in NC

Has anyone had this new surgery done? It looks very promising!

Yes I had it done 14 yrs ago, it is so much better this way. I was out the same day. No pain!

I personally haven't tried hemp oil. I have been staying at a friends place for 4 months and have been in pain most of the time while I stayed there. I ate everything and anything. I come back home 3 days ago and back to eating my safe meals from the freezer and have been pain free the whole time I have been back home. I truly believe its what we eat. It is so good to feel normal again :)

How long did it take to feel better Achalasia wise once giving up gluten? I gave it up for five days but Achalasia got worse. I will try again. Thanks.

It might be something else that your eating or drinking that is not agreeing with you

Thanks for the tip on "achalasia aid" I'm definitely going to check that out. When I was first diagnosed (in 1980) all they told me was don't eat beans or spicy stuff and sleep on a wedge pillow. It's nice to know that there is a network of people with similar experiences out there :)

If you are on facebook there is a group called Achalasia Aid ( through dietary changes ) I highly recommend it to anyone that is having problems with there Achalasia, and just dont know what else to do to make themselves feel better. I find it a very good support group. A scientist from Germany who is researching Achalasia has just joined our group and will be carrying out test worldwide & people from our group to study what we all have in common etc.

i would be interested to hear what the Dr has to say. in my city they only offer Heller Myotomy & the surgeons think they're gods, no newer methods like POEM. i don't want to join the facebook group because want to stay anonymous not let all my friends know... :(

The site is a closed group on FB, your friends/family
cant read it

thank you i will join!