New To Achalasia.

I was diagnosed 2 weeks before Christmas and was told to go away and liquidise everything. I have tried to eat soft food, but over Christmas it has been hard not to drink alcohol. I do find that the odd glass helps me to sleep, but one too many has the opposite effect.
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Hi there

I have just had a barium swallow that revealed my LES isn't relaxing as it i think this means i have achalasia as i cant even keep water or soup chest is so uncomfortable after i eat, and i feel light headed.. i sometimes get acid bad with it..thats why in the beginning they thought it was just acid reflux and put me on lansoprozole 30mg twice a day.This hasn't helped..its got worse in the last 2 weeks..but suppose ive always had to chew my food and had problems for a few years..i do have fibromyalgia and im sure this is one of the problems caused by fibro as your body attacks itself..since sep 2012 ive had severe back pain for 12 weeks then headaches and face pain for 8 weeks then pelvis pain..i've had to wait for tests to come back and its been such a stressful time.i'm 32 have 2 young children and this is driving me mad...

I was interested to see the other ladys post about healthy you think this can cure itself and the LES can relax again..could this be stress? the body acts so very strange sometimes


I have had Achalasia for a few years and just had surgery to help with the swallowing. I would recommend you find an expert in the field of upper G.I. / esophageal diseases and do whatever it takes to see them. Achalasia is rare and an experienced Dr. makes all the difference. IF you have surgery, make sure you find the most experienced surgeon you can. I was referred to a local surgeon who did not list anything about stomach, esophagus, gastrointestinal surgeries on his list of interests / specialties. I found one of the best in the world (Dr. Lee Swanstrom, Portland Oregon) they see a few Achalasia patients each week. The Heller Myotomy is a specialized surgery with great outcomes but it is not a common surgery so finding a surgeon with proper experience is important.

Soft food was some of the hardest for me to get down before my surgery. I actually found more firm foods were easier to push into my stomach but we are all different I suppose. The worst for me were things like yogurt and smoothies I think because they were too thick to squirt through the tight opening into my stomach but not thick enough to push through all at once.

I had the POEM surgery for Achalasia 2 weeks ago. It is basically the same as the Laparoscopic Heller Myotomy except they go in through your mouth to access your esophagus. No incisions, No physical restrictions after surgery, very quick recovery, little risk of infection since there are no incisions, no scars, very little pain I took tylenol for 3 days after the surgery and that was all. It will be the standard in a few years after enough surgeons are trained in this technique. I was in the hospital overnight, and I can not tell you how much this has changed my life. No pain, no blockage, I feel like I have never had any problems with swallowing what so ever.

I am the most surprised by the change in the way I feel each day. I now realize how hungry I was for the last couple of years. It seemed like I constantly had that low blood sugar feeling of anxiousness and wanting to eat something but I couldn't.

Anyway, all better now and you will be too I hope. I have a blog of my experience which you will enjoy.