I would like to say I certainly know what many of you are dealing with. I first started to see problem with my swallowing as in the mid 70's in elementary school. I had many test done, and the doctor pretty much told my parents it was all in my head. Years later I started getting serious pains in my chest from time to time, in the mid 90's pain became more persistent, and I had several bouts of food getting caught in my throat. In 1996 I was diagnosed with achalasia, and my first adventure was the use of smooth muscle relaxants, which proved to not work. Dilations with various sized of rubber tubes, and a few balloon dilation. All the procedure worked but for a very short time. I finally decided to have the Heller Myotomy done with dor fundoplication, back then the microscopic Heller Myotomy was very new, and I was not given the option, so I had cardiothoracic surgery. 17 years later, I am doing quite well, and have learned a lot of tips and tricks over the years that has helped me get through this disease, I am glad to see there are now many support and information groups available. I would also like to say that if anyone has any questions for a long term survivor of this disease please......ask away.

Ed Kennedy
EdKennedy EdKennedy
46-50, M
Aug 22, 2014