Sick & Tired Of Being Sick!

I have had this achalasia about 25 years now.  My first experience when I was 25 at a BBQ. a piece of steak didnt go down. Ended up at the hospital, going under, endoscopic camera and they pushed it through (they gave me a hard copy of the picture of the meat stuck)

Since then it has happened about 2 dozen more times. Thankfully I know how to deal with it. Regurgitation! 

But more importantly chew my meat thoroughly!

Ok so I am on a date last Saturnday night. 2nd date with this women. At a nice restaurant. We order Porter house steak for 2. Wine, lobster dumplings as appetizers, all the works. Two bites into my steak as I am yapping away with her, trying to talk and chew and drink at the same time. Next thing I know, BAM the meat wont go down.. My whole night went down hill from there. Instead of excusing myself to go to the mens rom and do the finger down the throat routine. I thought it might work its way through (yea right) It gets worse as I try to force it down with potatoes and wine. It backs up, next thing I know all the wine and potatoes oh yeah and some creamed spinach are all over my shirt and table. Up it came (no place to go)

She was shocked. After going to bathroom and trying to regugitate and clean up which I couldnt do either, We had to leave. $175 restaurant bill and evening ruined. She never heard of this syndrome and didnt know what to make of me or it. (not sure she will see me again.

I am tired of this.


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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

it's so easy to let this condition get the best of us, especially the overly proud who rarely got me
i don't envy you on your situation that night but all you can do is brush it off, learn from it and go on living. next date take your time chewing, perhaps order something a bit easier than steak...sea food maybe. take it slow. if you did find yourself stuck again just go the restroom...don't risk it and ruin the whole night, a few minutes to regroup at the mens room would save your night.
i don't imagine any decent lady would stop dating someone because they got sick...especially after you explained your condition to her. if she does then she's not worth 2 cents.

What a horrible experience! that sounds very painful and not to mention embarrassing in front of your date a ittle bit. but her loss!