My Achalasia Story

When I was born I couldnt drink milk since I kept trowing it up and the doctors thought that I had acid reflux. I kept trowing up all the milk that they prescribed to me until one doctor took a look at me and said that I had achalasia. I had to live all my life with it and it was tough for me since alot of the food that I tried to eat kept coming up. But with my parents support I got them to help me with it. Also I had a doctor who would do a dilation balloon so it would expand the esphagos and I could have food go down better. It continued for all the years until I was 14, that they were going to do another dilation balloon but this time the balloon had popped and my stomach had started bleeding from the inside. It was a horrible exprince since I was terrified and so were my family, they had such a horrid expression that it will never leave my memory. I had to go six days without eating anything nor drinking anything, and I had to get fluid through an IV. I had to stay in the hospital for ten days before I could leave. I had everything back to normal until my achalasia started attacking again and I couldnt have the balloon done again because they were afraid that the same thing would happen so they went to the only other It terrified me to death having something through my stomach but I started praying to God to be the one to operate me and be with me through my dark hour. On the day of the surgery I got a purple bear from my best friend so I wouldnt be alone in the surgery room and I could feel God around me in the operating room. I had to miss a week of school for the surgery. It was worth it though knowing I could eat better and have food go through me better. I still trow up sometimes but I dont have it as bad as I use to. I dont want you guys to think that I am really brave to go through it, I just want you guys to know that with God's love and faith that anythign is possible

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Hello there, I am sorry that your sweet little princess suffers so much with achalasia. I still suffer achalasia and I am very thin. I also take a long time to also. I know as a mother you must be suffering to know your child is suffering very bad. But as a mother you can be there for her whenever she feels ill. When I went to surgery and knew I had this I was a bit taken back and afraid but I prayed to God to be by my side and he helped me and hasn't left me ever. Whenever your daughter can't eat much don't get frustrated just have her eat at her own pace. Also how is your little princess if you don't mind me asking. She doesn't need to feel bad about trowing up if her stomach hurts or she isn't able to eat much. She is a wonderful child of God that is in this wold. The best thing you can do to support and comfort your little princess is being at her side through the doctors appointment,surgery's,eating and everything. That is the best thing you can do because through those hard times a child is scared to face it alone but she will be happy to face it with her mother and/ or father to be by her side and know it is okay. If you wish for your little princess to talk to me I could give you an email that me and her could keep in contact. I am happy to help her in any questions of hers or yours.

Seeing as you were so young when u were diagnosed may I ask what you thought and felt and if there is anything (looking back) that may have helped you emotionally or mentally? I mean is there something that you distinctly remember that you might have needed some extra focuss on like maybe a specific fear or thought that may have been able to comfort you? My daughter has a very serious case of this and basicly hasn't digested any solid food in close to 4 years as far as we can tell. On the barium swallow it showed aprox. 1 tear drop of liquid passing through every 4-5 min. The technician said it would take about 5 hours to get the 2 ounces to her stomic. That she feels a pain similar to swallowing food before chewing it enough, everytime she swallows even water. This explains why she eats only a couple mouth fulls before throwing it up and eating more suffering through the pain because she is literally starving. <br />
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The dr.' s are amazed and confused as to how she is getting enough nutrients to survive and suspect that it is her shame trying to hide the throwing up that has allowed anything to her stomach at all. <br />
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She gets night terrors everynight and is still apologizing when he gets sick even though we explained the achalasia and it's symptoms that it is bot her fault?<br />
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Please anything will help me to support and provide comfort to my little princess!<br />
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Thank you,

Thank you for reading my story and thank you and God Bless You Also :)

god bless you and thanx take care.