I Have Acid Reflux (gerd) Too

I'm a 65 year old male with acid reflux.   It seems to be getting worse.   If I eat at 6:00 PM, I have to stay up until midnight or it bothers me.  Acid Reflux is very dangerous because the acid washing up into your esophagus can cause Barret's Esophogitis which is a precursor to cancer. 

Things I'm am trying now are:

switching to the Paleo Diet

Losing weight - I'm slightly overweight - I weigh 165 and I'm 5 8" and according to test I'm 27% fat - they think it's "visceral fat" which definitely aggravates the symptoms.  

Sleeping with the head of the bed elevated really works but doesn't really solve the problem and it means that I'm not sleeping with my wife - (not good for your marriage).

I am taking protonics (prescription drug) which helps a little. 

Surgery is an option but I haven't really explored that.  

This may seem bad, but I've really learned to live with it pretty well.   Certainly would be interested if anyone else has experiences like this.



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I have had three surgerys. I have never felt so bad in my life.This started with the first doctor screwing up and went down hill from that. They gave me 50/50 chance on last surgey. My advice is never let them touch you never. Steve

See "Treating GERD with the paleo diet", http://huntgatherlove.com/content/treating-gerd-paleo-diet

I am new to all this diet and other stuff. I only have known med's from the doctors.<br />
Iread about a reflux guard you put under you mattress.<br />
I don't know which way to turn,. I need alittl guidance if someone wants to help

Smart to try a Paleo diet. A Paleo diet rich in healthy fats and low in carbs resolved it for me. As long as I avoid the trigger/aggravating foods like wheat, sugar, phosphoric and citric acid (cola drinks and fruit juices), tea and coffee, tomato sauce, etc. I do fine.

I am 66 and was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia (which causes gerd/acid reflux when I was 23. I had the surgery and it worked for about 20 yrs, but since that muscle is naturally weak and stretched it was back as if no surgery was ever done! The surgery is pretty extreme, and I would only advise it is you have no other options. I have taken everything from Zantac to Protonix oer the years. Protonix seems to work best for me. Elevating your bed does help. One thing to be aware of: the acid will eventually erode your tooth enamel! I didn't know this for ages. Now, my front teeth are so eroded, they are very thin and fragile. Had to have several root canals b/c of this. So check with your dentist. Mine seldom bothers me unless I bend over shortly after eating. That can be gross! Herbs for the roblem would be good, but it is usually expenive to finda good herbalist unless you live in California or NY. Good luck!