No Problem Overseas

Whenever I travel I do not need to take any meds or over the counter 'stuff'. At home I'm in misery every night and sometimes days. Wonder if there's an allergy component...or food additives?
chlovis chlovis
2 Responses Feb 1, 2008

When I was away on vacation I didn't suffer any of the burning. Whne I got home,it hit me big time.<br />
I think it was because I was coming back to real life and problems. When I was on vacation,I didn't have any of that.<br />
The one doctor I went to told me it was caused by my nerves.

I read about it on the internet. May be worth a try! I also found one article that recommended apples and by experimenting found that Granny Smith seems to help the instances. I also am happy with a homeopathic gas relief pill that is put out by Radiance Labs. Thanks for the info; will definitely look into the xango as the meds have side affects.