Gerd It Sucks!

I have recently developed this problem and it's driving me crazy.  Half of the time I feel like I am having a heart attack.  I experience chest pains, pressure, tightness and pain in my abdomen.  It usually occurs after I eat and subsides when I take a Zantac, but i don't want to take a pill everyday for the rest of my life.  I would welcome any suggestions my fellow Acid Reflux sufferers would like to share.  Also how do I deal with the anxiety this is causing me?
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2012

I had suffered from GERD and gastritis since having my gallbladder removed in 1987. I know this disease very well. In March 2014 I was treated for H. pylori . I haven’t had a single occurrence since. It was an accidental miracle cure.

Home remedies help better than medication does. Medication only hides the pain but the problem still remains. Do some research on some lifestyle and diet changes you can make to overcome this.

Prilosec. It changed my life! If it is not strong enough get your doctor to put you on Nexium. Trust me, you will not be sorry!

Thanks for the advice. I will call and speak to my doctor.