Hard To Feel Terrible All The Time

So, my problem is, my acid reflux has gotten much worse over the years. My chest is almost constantly burning, I am almost constantly burpy, and in general I feel between nauseous and tired a lot of the time. It's a complete hell sometimes.

The problem is I work a relatively stressful, full time graveyard shift job, where I drink coffee throughout the night. Without caffeine, I could not do my job. Also, everyone there smokes, and I have been smoking for three years or so, so it's hard to quit in this setting.

I get that I need to quit smoking and probably quit drinking coffee. However, I'm looking for things I can do for extra relief in the meantime. Earlier this morning after work, I was brushing my teeth and trying to cough mucous out, but wound up throwing acid up instead.
jayjangle jayjangle
Nov 28, 2012