I Hate My Skin

 I just love the feel of a red juicy welt on my chalky pale skin.

Ew. Right?

Aside from my dark circles feature that makes me look like the undead and my large bloodshot eyes, acne is the best!

I don't really remember when I started having bad skin but I would state the obvious and say a little after puberty. I have "combination skin" which is just annoying because my skin can dry up and peel in the winter and just feel greasy in the summer and I hate it. I bought this horrible acne medication from walmart once, can't remember the name but I would know the box. It's a set of chewable pills and a spot creme. The pills got stuck in my teeth and did not work very well and the creme just burnt like hell and made my face super red. I gave up on acne medications for a while and just washed my face and hoped for the best. My skin at it's best has two biggish zits and a bunch of little tiny lumps that you can see when I'm not wearing makeup. Lately my skin has been terrible and nasty. I hate caking on makeup so much but I do not want everyone seeing these red welts. Ive been stressing out a lot lately so it just gets worse. I have tried proactive and the mask worked pretty well but it was only left overs from a friends order and It did not last and I did not have the money for the whole system to see if that worked. My friend told me about this product that has the same ingredients as proactive and that has a much more affordable price. Since I use only cash and can't order product online or over the phone I thought I would check it out. It's Walgreen's skin essentials 3 step acne system or something like that. I just started using it and I am really crossing my fingers on this one. So far it does not burn my sensitive skin and my skin does not feel too dry or too oily. I'm confident that it will work and if it does not then oh well I was meant to have terrible skin. I hope someone else tries it too and tells me about their progress. I am taking pictures after every use so I can really see a difference if there is one. The swelling on the huge zits already seems to be going down after one use.

I am so tired of having to wear foundation concealer and powder all at one time. One day I want to wear no makeup and look good doing it.

Thank goodness for photo editing and bright lights or else I'd be red in all of my pictures.

They say I have "mild acne" oh yeh right it sure feels mild. Very mildly smooth.


MissMonsterr MissMonsterr
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010