Very Large Tumor

I had a very large acoustic neuroma. Actually had two surgeries last year. My balance is still hosed up. Facial palsy and a crossed , the double vision is constantly badgering me. Anyway, I'm on disabilty now. I was a low voltage technician...but my balance is an issue now and I won't drive. Getting tired of disability now. Considering going back to school to retrain myself if its possible. Has anybody else faced or is facing the same challenges?
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Hi, I underwent surgery on 4/14/11. My tumor was a little bigger than a golf ball. I've been going through the same issues. My attitude changed when I realized that "It is, what it is". I can't change the problem...but I can learn to accept what has happened to me and learn how to compensate. I've done very well with this. I learned I have to be my own advocate to get through this. After going to my optometrist, then my ophthalmologist, and an eye surgery, my vision still isn't anywhere where it should be, but I'm teaching myself tricks to be able to perform my tasks better without as much frustration. I started driving this year. I'm dizzy all the time and off balance. I have some memory issues that drive me crazy. I lost my hearing in my right ear and that has been a problem I'm still dealing with. There's so many more issues, but I've learned to get through my day very well. I was placed on SSDI. It's hard to live on the small amount of money, but I'm grateful I have that. I would like to get a part-time job so I can make ends meet better, but that is out of my reach right now. When I get frustrated, I just remember...It could have come out worse...than what! I'm happy and grateful to be alive and thank God all the time that I'm still here. God wanted us to live, so appreciate everyday and work with what has happened to you, This will make you a stronger person and more self sufficient. I'm proud of how far I've come and I'm proud of you for taking the step to reach out for support. :)

Hi. Thanx for the inspiration. If you have noticed, I keep having to change my user name. Seems my confirmation emails were ending up in the spam bin. I guess we do grow smarter as we age!
I'm seeking a support group in NE Florida. The next meeting is in January or February. It is nice to share my story with others who have had the same experience and to know that I am not alone. It's unfortunate that anyone has to share these stories at all. It certainly is life changing.

Idk if i'm using this website correctly,but I had to reregister with a different user name. I just added a one. Yes,living normally again seems to be a long and difficult path for me. Maybe I'm still playing that "poor me" or "why me?" card. I need to regain the motivation which I once possesed. I did spend 4 months in the hospital,from Nov 2011 to Feb 2012. The tumor was very large. I didn't know what was wrong with me, and of course there where the misdiagnoses over a period of years which allowed the tumor to become larger and therefore cause more damage. My doctors said that out of a 100 operations of this nature which they had performed,this tumor was the largest they had seen. I do feel lucky to be alive, but cannot seem to perform the tasks which I had once done with ease. Just frustrating!

Just stay strong and try to live as normal as you can,