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i had the neuroma removed 9 years ago. since, i have done well but lost the hearing in the affected side. now i am experiencing extreme nausia. been to all kinds of doctors for stomach and intestinal problems. to no avail of course. my internalist has suggested a connection between the vertigo, which i have expeienced from the neuroma sugery, and the nausea. my curious nature has inspired me to tell my storiy and see if others of u have experience this as a side effect of the neroma. if so, what have uall done for this. my doctor has suggested ritilin because of the seriton effect. please any feedback will help. thanks
kimmiehar kimmiehar
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Hi, I just found out i have acoustic neuroma. My tumor is 4 cm (very large, I know.) Did you experience any facial paralyzation?

The Acoustic Neuroma website might be of help -