An My Eye!

It started with dizzy spells then Left sided hearing loss. Then I started walking like I was drunk. How I did not have any seizures I'm not sure. I went to an ENT and ended up getting a nose job, even after flunking a hearing test! I even asked that Doctor if I could have an Acoustic Neuroma. He laughed and asked why I thought I would have one of those. I told him my symptoms and he still gave me a Nose job and NEVER sent me for CT or MRI. Long story short, I finally got an MRI thanks to a low Testosterone level. They thought my Pituitary Gland was goofed up because I also have Hypothyroidism. Well the MRI for that was able to show the 3.5 AN Tumor. On Aug 7 I had surgery to remove 98% of the Tumor. My Left side is still messed up but my biggest complaint is my poor vision in my Left eye. I have NO hearing in the Left ear for life. My tongue is still numb and I have facial paralysis on the Left side. My balance is so-so. I am on my Insurance Disability and have not worked since the end of July. On top of all this, my wife of 25 years is divorcing me. We have 2 young children and one grown. I am also a Cancer and Sarcoidosis survivor. I have to tape my eye shut at night so my eye does not dry out. I will have to use eye drops from now on. No it was not Cancer but it is a life changing event. Even with good Insurance I am looking at Bankruptcy. I suffer from Depression as well and take Medication for it. My life is rough right now but I will make it.
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Great attitude. Hope everything works out for you.

Please visit the Acoustic Neuroma Association website at There are several support options available to you that might prove helpful with how you are feeling. We have support groups that meet at varying times in different cities throughout the US. You can check the website to see if there is one near you. Many patients find those groups to be life changing when it comes to their AN journeys. If there isn't a group near you, we have "Willing-to-Talk" lists, which are arranged geographically as well as an online support group in our discussion forum. The discussion forum allows you to search for terms, such as depression or eye issues, that will put you in touch with others experiencing the same things or you can post questions specific to your case. I hope this is helpful. Good luck on this very difficult journey

Hi I have had my AN op a week ago. I was able to get up and move around slowly and controlled after 3 days. My problem now is a throbbing in my lower spine which also effects my bum muscle nurses and hamstrings feel very tight. When I sleep which is very difficult to achieve I can only lie in my back. If I turn or get up then then the throbbing backbumass" starts again.????

You are a very strong person.