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For several years I've had decreased hearing in my left ear. Abt a year ago, a shrill, faint ringing began and has continued, gradually getting louder. I did see my family doctor and he said my ear looked fine, but suggested an ENT bc of the symptoms. I put that off. Several months ago, I experienced a few sharp shooting pain in my ear drum and jaw. I had the idea that it may be a dental problem, so went to my dentist. No dental or bite issues. He also recommended an ENT. I hesitated bc we don't carry insurance simply bc the premiums are so high and we rarely have medical needs that we don't anticipate. Anyway, the following week, I had a few days of vertigo, nausea, headaches...back to doc...meds for vertigo and he got an appt with ENT. After hearing test looked "very unusual", he suggested an MRI. That was today. Got the CD, looked at it tonight with my husband, and whaa-la...there the tumor is..pressing into the brainstem. I saw several images of it..and compared it to Googled images. Looks same! I plan to call my ENT tmr am and ask him to see me ASAP. The lab should be able to run the results over quickly, I would think. My initial appt to hear results is end of next week. This tumor looks to be abt 3cc...that's comparing to pics online. We live in SC. Any advice or referrals to surgeons would be appreciated..Thanks. I've been encouraged by the stories Ive read here.
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Hi Annie, I had a tumor that was 3.2 cm so radiation was not an option since the tumor was too large. My surgery went great and feeling pretty good. I've had a bit of a hard time dealing with the loss of hearing in my right ear. But, other than that I feel pretty good.
Since you posted this a few months ago, I hope your surgery & recovery is going well. please update!

Hi Sonja,
Thanks for responding. I haven't had surgery yet. My doctor agreed to wait six months and have another MRI to determine if it grew in that time frame. So in February, I will know more. I wanted to take a conservative approach and wait/watch. I've been taking some tumeric to decrease inflammation and that seems to have released the pressure I was feeling in my left sinus and eye area. Your tumor was quite large and I'm happy to know u r doing well. Can u tell me more abt ur experience? Did u have many symptoms before surgery? How much hearing did u have in ur right ear prior to surgery? My neurologist was surprised I could hear as much as I can in my affected ear. Do u still have a ringing or buzzing in your right ear? And how has post op been? Any dizziness or headaches or spinal fluid issues? Did u interview many surgeons before deciding who to go with? I've interviewed two. Are u a member of the acousic neuroma association? There r good articles and so on there as well as a forum to post questions or comments. I look forward to your reply. Take care and congrats on the successful surgery!

the only symptom I had was decreased hearing in my right ear. I could hear fine really, I guess when I had my hearing test done they said it was 30% less that my good ear (before surgery). I lost all hearing in my right ear. I have an occassional clicking sound but that's about it.
My experience post surgery has been great. It took me about 6 weeks to recover and drive again. The first few weeks I was sleepy a lot. No issues with dizziness or spinal fluid- Thankfully!
Not currently a member of AN assoc., read a few articles there, that's about it.
Just started radiation on Tues since I had 2% left & they thought with me having such a large tumor so early that they should take care of the remainder so it doesn't grow back (hopefully).
Watch and wait is good, if you can do it. Glad you are able to. Just remember you have more options when it is smaller so keep that in mind. If mine were sm I would probably do the same as you though.
Well good on your journey! THanks btw! :)