Acoustic Neuroma Symptoms


I got diagnosed with acoustic neuroma in December, My MRI showed a 3mm tumor on the left side. All my doctors suggested just watching for now. It started with a sudden spinning feeling like a bad vertigo and then a continuous sense of loss of banlance since. This is the only symptom that I have, my hearing test is normal. The imbalance feeling is getitng worse and really affects my daily activities, I am getting very depressed because I'm always a very active person. I'd like to hear what you are going or went through and your decisions. Thanks

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I just had retrosigmoid surgery (total resection) last Tuesday for 2cm AN, left side. Dizziness no worse than pre-surgery; definite facial weakness which I'm praying will go away as I recover. More hearing loss so I'm not expecting any miracle in that department. Right now I'm just popping pain meds every 4 hours because the headaches are bad. I, too, have a very busy life (business) and this is just not making me happy. I think I would've done Gamma Knife, despite the size being right on the cusp, but the 3rd specialist I sent my stuff to said, surgery was an absolute and he heads a Gamma Knife clinic in NYC. Also, Im almost 61, so the thought of surgery 5 years down the road if GK didn't kill it, was even more frightening. Hang in there. There are worse things--like a GBM. In comparison, this is a walk in the park.

Hi, I was diagnosed in 2005, with a "watch and wait". By 2007, a bit more than 2 years to the day I was at Tufts in Boston, undergoing Gamma Knife. It was my choice, I didn't want invasive brain surgery, it didn't fit with my busy life. It doesn't bother me to know I still have a tumor in my head. The surgery was easy and painless. IIt caused darkening of the tumor and it is beginning to collapse It did cause certain symptoms including severe vertigo, dizziness and a feeling of not being grounded. The vertigo was not constant, but could occur with no warning. The good news is, the vertigo has disappeared for now. It lasted 6-9 months. I feel great, I am 52 years old by the way, and run two businesses. I never stopped. I believed I would be okay and I am. Gamma Knife is remarkable and was the right decision for me. If, God forbid, the tumor grows (however unlikely) I'll deal with it. I also had Baha surgery last September and can hear again. How remarkable. Keep the faith and email me anytime!

what is baha surgery and how can you hear again?. Never heard of that.. In my case, I'm about to choose the fractionated proton particle beam radiation and also hope it will not grow again. Radiation is once in a life time i've heard. Surgery then not as easy with radiated tumor. Well. What's the baha surgery?

Thanks for your feedback. I had gamma knife in December and still am experiencing quite a bit of imbalance. Also fullness in the left side (tumor side) of my head. I look forward to these symptoms subsiding.

I understand your depression I am lucky and have never had the vertigo problem I lost the hearing in my right ear a lot of my balance and have had the appearance of my face affected due to some paralysis -I had surgery 2 yrs ago-I can walk just fine on flat surfaces-can ride a bike-carefully<br />
i use a walking stick for walking on the ground outside and hiking or gardening I think you are<br />
experiencing a feeling of loss and sadness which you have every right to feel-I am not a big drug taker<br />
so when my GP suggested anti-depressants I passed-so I have taken a long time to feel better<br />
and accept my fate-do you have surgery schedule?