Post Surgical Neuroma

I was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma and treated with surgery more than 2 yrs ago  its hard to find others to share with-it has affected all aspects of my life in some form or another  it becomes a financial burden because the care involves frequent expensive testing for life 

51-55, F
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Hi, I know you wrote your statement back in 2010, but I wanted to reply to you. I am a 55yo female. I underwent Acoustic Neuroma surgery on 4/14/11, and shortly after, the Gamma Knife procedure. I understand how upset you are over how it has affected your life. I've had issues with this also. I don't have a good support system and this has created lots of issues. I thought people I come in contact with would understand, but sadly enough, I've had people use my disability as a weakness and they have taken advantage of my shortcomings.

I was between jobs when I was diagnosed. I had no insurance so I had to go to county. County didn't have a neurosurgeon on staff so the search was debilitating. After much anxiety and stress, I finally received treatment. My sister helped me get onto Medi-Cal. I received treatment from the head of the Neurology Department of Sutter. Thank God for him, Dr. Ciricillo is my HERO!!

I applied for SSDI, and after a several months of anguish, I was approved. I'm one of the fortunate ones who still are able to be on Medi-Cal. I think this was due to the continued test associated with the tumor. After 2 years of my SSDI approval, I am eligible for Medicare. Even though it won't cover everything, it gives me time to find additional insurance that I hope I will be able to afford.

I hope by the time you receive this, issues in your life have subsided. If not, please try going to the Social Security Office to see if you qualify for help. Some financial help is better than none.

If you need to talk, please contact me.


I was just wondering if you might be talking about county and Sutter over on the west coast. Contra Costa

All my medical attention was performed in Sacramento, Ca. (Sacramento County)

Could you please tell me what you mean by financial burden? Do you have your treatment under the National Health system? I was told that if I have the Gamma Knife option My face could fall - have you experienced that please> Marystruth

My neuroma was removed in Jan of 11 and my insurance dropped me in March. I have not been able to return to work and am paying for health insurance myself. It's been a nightmare.

I had my Gamma Knife two years ago last August. I used to smell metal whereever I went, my head felt strange all the time and I had balance issues. After surgery I developed severe vertigo lasting 6-8 mths. I feel great now, but will never be the same and always keep in mind my tumor could begin to grow. I had Baha surgery last Sept. to restore my hearing as I have one sided deafness. That was remarkable, and I have a health insurance story related to that. But, I can hear again! I understand what it feels like to have no support. My husband was and is great...But no one can relate if they haven't experienced it. Thank God health care passed! Can you imagine going through this with no health insurance?