Too Young

Hi i just find out that my 14 year old daughter has Acromegaly and i am in shock, i started noticing that her hands and feet were growing too much. so i took her to the doctor, and they told me that she was out of range, i am destroyed inside, and out i have gotten sick myself from stress, i have been going to my church to cry for hours, and ask god for help. i would like to know more people that suffer from that desese, so we can help each other out. i just find out about this 2 weeks ago, can somebody tell me what is next, my doctor refer me to a specilize i think there are going to tell me to take her get a mri ?

lizabeth8453 lizabeth8453
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Hi lizabeth8453. I'm 29 years old and found out 2 years ago that I have acromegally. The doctors said that they think I've had it since around age 18. Im not gonna lie to you this disease is a struggle. Ive gone through e very emotion with it from intrest to despise. Now I'm working on the acceptance part. I've had the surgery, radiation, and am now on 3 different types of medications to bring my IGF levels down to where they are spose to be. It is a very frustrating slow journey, but one that you will get through. I am still seeking some support for myself so I'm probablly not the best person to give encouraging advice. But just know that you and your family are not alone.