Stay Strong

I do not have Acute Myeloid Leukemia, my fiancee' of 25 does. The day we found out he was rushed to The Ohio State University for intense 24 hour a day chemo. For two weeks I sat by his side as bone marrow tests were being done, trips to the bathroom were made to get sick and as vial after vial of blood was taken. After two rounds of chemo the doctors said he was in remision. A week later a CAT scan was ordered and they have found out it is now in his lungs. We are praying the thrid time is the charm. In times like this sometimes I find it hard to stay 100% strong for him but he has no prob. doing it for me.

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3 Responses Oct 26, 2009

It is a horrendous disease. My dad died of it 6 mos ago. Your fiance is young which is good. I am praying for you and him, I've seen what people go through with this physically and emotionally.

fight it all the way don't lose hope! never!

You and your fiancee' will be in my prayers. I have lived through the very same thing and I understand. Don't lose hope.