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Hi I am Carrie and I was diagnosed with Addisons about a year and a half ago, but have been sick for at least 6 yrs prior. I now take Hydrocortisone 20 in the am and 10 in the pm, plus Spironolactone 100 milligrams twice a day for my Addisons. I feel better than I did, but not well; and seem to either catch everything around me or continuously have bladder infections or earaches. I get worn out very easy and sweat profusely when I do a lot and especially when I am sick. When I first found out about Addisons I was almost happy because I thought I was going to be normal again after taking the medicine; most literature I found said I could live a normal healthy life if I took care of myself..... Ugghhhh, I can't even get off the couch let alone feel normal due to the mood swings and fog I have.. I am very forgetful and my body aches, and I walk around itching all the time.. I have two daughters that  I  raise alone and have recently lost my insurance.. It is bad enough when life is hard, but its even worse when you are so drained that you can't even join the fight... 
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Carrie,<br />
Hi. I have had Addison's Disease for over 30 years. I do not understand why you are getting Spironolactone 100 milligrams? I have always taken Hydrocortisone and Florinef which is the standard treatment in the US. I have never had the sweating issue however, I do not take more than 20 mg of Hysdrocortisone no matter what a doctor tells me, and I have been fine. (however, do what your doctor tells you ok,) Do not worry, the fog will lift, it just takes a little time. You have to tell your self you can get through the fatigue and pull yourself up and go back to work, it will help you. I work only part time because full time is too much. Keep the faith, it will get better. The more you can feel normal the better you will be.

Hi my name is sammy i was diagnosed when i was 17 im now 22. it took the hospital 2 years to find out that i had addison as i was very young to have it. I started off have 10mg am and 10mg pm of hydrocortisone but i was still feeling crap around lunch time, so i started having 20mg am then 10mg which didnt help. so now i have 10 mg am and 5mg at lunch time and 5mg on a evening and its great i feel normal again so if I was you id try that, my doctor says everyone is different and it all about trial and error. it took me years to get it, and now i have learnt to know what i need each day. i dont have to take the fludrocortisone as the blood test say that part of me is fine, but they said i will at some point prob when my body goes through a big change like having a baby. So no you not all people have to take the same stuff or amount.<br />
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i agree with the catching things the past two years at uni in leeds iv had chest infection that av lasted 4 months at a time and i was in and out of hospital and broken my ribs from coughing!!!<br />
so if any knows how to help me stop catching all the bugs that would be great.<br />
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another thing is, since im on hydrocortisone i sweat soooo bad, i never smell with it, is this anything to do with my addisons?

I feel fine and i take 20mg of Hydrocortisone in the AM and 10mg at night wih half a tablet of 0.1 mg fludrocortisone. I am active though...my endocrinologist at children hospital had me on that. What Should i do? does it depend on person by person thing?

I completely agree with NYDanny - Fludrocortisone (or Florinef) is very important with Addison's. Not having that daily could be the cause of you feeling week and sick. Hydrocortisone has serious long term side affects if you take too much daily - nor should you need that much daily anyway! I would definately see another endocrinologist and perhaps, depending on which country you live in, you could get assisstance with medical care. I lost my insurance (due to having a pre-existing condition) and I applied for help from the state to pay my doctor bills. They covered a lot and it was very helpful until I got on my husband's insurance. You should never not go to the doctor though, it could be very costly to your health! Untreated Addison's disease can be fatal.

Hey Carrie,<br />
please read my post. I too have addisons and would like to help. The insurance thing sucks. I am English and the fact that I have to pay for my health just seems criminal!!! Yoiu are on a VERY high dose of hydrocortisone. Infact the highest that is safe to take. I also started on this dose and a new Endocronlogist switched me to 5 mcg a day. When that didn't work he switched me to Prednisone, the same dose, and I finaly re joined the world of the living. Sort of. That high a dose can make you feel as bad as the Addisons!! Also you must take fludrocortisone with the Hyrdocortisone or you will become very ill. I have never heard of sprionolactone and maybe this is a different brand of fludrocortisone, but if not you must get prescribed some at once. I hope this helps. That foggy dizzy exhausted feeling just makes me want to curl up in a ball and die! Too bad my wife and kids won't let me!