Addison's And Summertime Heat

Hi, My 24 year old daughter has Addison's and is going into her 4th summer with the disease.We are looking for practical advice on how to handle hot summer days.  Medication doses are always increased during the summer months, but they only do so much. Her response to heat affects how much time can be spent outside biking, hiking or just hanging out. Does anyone have any suggestions to help cope with heat and heat stress other any increasing medications and doses? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi, I am 46 and was diagnosed last year. Heat used to effect me also and still does somewhat. I am an avid gardener and have noticed this summer I have way more energy and strength to last in the heat. I drink at least 1 emergency packet a day and sometimes 2. Emergency is an over the counter packet of B vitamins to give energy. It also helps with the immune system. I work as a clinic aide at a school and did not get sick once during the school year! yea

Be careful with Gatorade because it is high in potassium and can cause hyperkalemia with Addison's disease. I have had Addison's diagnosed for 6 years and to be honest the heat has always been hard on me. I work outside in it but I have to take more fludrocortisone and more hydrocortisone to help balance. I also drink diluted half water half Gatorade but in moderation. Salt is another big helper for me. I crave salt because I have low aldosterone levels, directly related to Addison's but not every case has this, and the fludrocortisone keeps it fairly balanced but in the heat I sweat more out so I eat salt , drink salt water , or pickle juice.

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my 17 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Addison's and this will be her first summer of being on medications for it. A specialist told us to increase her fludrocortisone on really hot days (take an extra dose) and to be sure to stay hydrated by drinking enough water. that's all I know for now; i guess we'll find out more as time goes on.

Make sure she drinks gaterade or powerade... U can also buy electrolyte sachets from the chemist. Keeping up fluids and electrolytes will benefit her.

I drink Nuun on hot days when I am golfing. It has no sugar but all the electrolytes that sports drinks have.
The key I have found for use is to drink it before you go out and do whatever for the day. Good hydration with water is still needed and for really hot days I sometimes will have a second bottle on the back nine.