I Am Living Proof That Addison's Can Be Cured - Completely!

Hi, My name is Michelle and I was diagnosed with Addison's Disease in 2009. Prior to that, in 2006, I had been diagnosed with Adrenal Exhaustion and also Fibromyalgia, as well as PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and Chronic Tendonitis in both of my arms.

When my Endocrinologist got my Addison's test results back, he couldn't believe it, so he ran me through the whole test process again a week later. Same positive results.

I was already on a whole list of prescription medications for the Fibromyalgia and all of its side effects. Then I added the hydrocortisone. I asked my Endocrinologist if he thought it would be possible for me to re-build my adrenal glands, and his reply was "no," that I would need to be on the medication for the rest of my life. I was already working with a Naturopath and a wonderful Neurologist who also believed in trying natural remedies whenever possible. My Naturopath warned me that there are serious effects to long-term steroid use, so I was determined to heal completely.

I began to study nutrition and tried many other forms of treatment, including acupuncture, physical therapy, meditation, and just about anything else I could get my hands on. Through the dietary changes and keeping up with as much consistent exercise as I could, and with the support of a lot of wonderful people, I gradually began to wean myself off of the medications. After successfully ending all of my prescriptions for the Fibromyalgia pain & sleep disorders, I had just one hurled left – the hydrocortisone! I was nervous but determined, so I kept at it.

I gulped down green smoothies every morning for breakfast, ate tons of fresh, whole foods, and even got a formal education in nutrition counseling. It took me about 4 months once I started to decrease the hydrocortisone before I was completely done with it. Once off of the hydrocortisone for 2 weeks, I was able to get re-tested. The results came back negative, which didn’t surprise me at all – I already knew that I had recovered because of how great I felt! By then, I had a new Endocrinologist, and I asked her if she thought it was possible that I was misdiagnosed to begin with. She said, “No – I’ve seen your test results and they were very clear both times.” She was so thrilled for me, she said it was truly amazing and that I should write a book! That was over a year ago, and so far I haven’t written a book, but I did want to make this post to give hope to anyone out there who is suffering. I know what it’s like to be flattened. But, I also know you can recover! Thanks for reading. Namaste.
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You are so amazing Namste! My mum has addisons and Multiple scerolsis and chronic back pain. She was very depressed recently when she saw this grumpy 'old school' doctor who informed her she would without doubt get diabetes because of the medication etc. I'm a type one diabetic and I've been very unwell with it so my poor mum knows what diabetes is like, your message was so inspiring! You should write a book. Are you on Facebook? God bless you and stay well. Maxi ✌️💋😊

I haven't been officially diagnosed but I'm 99 percent sure I have it. I don't do dr.s and I've weaned myself off of all meds. I have some questions.

Ok. To the original post-er. Could you please help others by describing your regiment. Smoothy ingredients , nutritional intake. Or referrals, references. You can't just post that. I'm better thanks bye. You can too stuff Come on ! My wife needs help Sferace02906@gmail

Please talk to me. I have Hashemites,fibro, now addisons. I am a RN, who has little faith in western medicene. I do not want to be on the steroid wheel. P.s. Are you the same Namaste that has sheep and llamas?


Wow interesting story!
I was diagnosed with Addison in 2001 and have been on hydrocortisone since!
All my doctors have said the same thing - that I will never 'cure' addison and have to be on life long medication!
But something inside me is saying this is not the case...
I live a healthy life-style and exercise and eat healthy. But I am convinced if I take it up another level then maybe I can come off the hydrocortisone eventually..

Please let me know how you did it? What diet did you follow and what did you excluded/include in your diet..?

I would love to be steroid free as I think its starting to affect me a lot. I have never suffered from the main side effects such as depression or anxiety but feel that this is starting to come on and i can't explain my low moods etc.
Would be very grateful if you could tell more on how you did it.

Kindest Regards

I am the same but you, but you would need a stem test first..To see if you are now producing Cortisol. I am trying to get one but they are so reluctant to do it telling me this is a ife long condition and that the adrenals have been damaged and will never work. I am doubting that..

I have Primary Addisons disease and take Hydrocrtisone and Fludrocortisone dailey for life..I also take thyroxine for my thyroids. However I have reduced my Hydrocortisone from 20mg to 12 and a half mg a day.. I take 10mg in the morning 3 hours after waking and take 2 and a half mg after work at 6pm.. I have slowly reduced hydrocortisone and am about to reduce again to 10mg a day...I have asked for cortisol tests but the doctors say I dont need to do them as it is a life long illness. So I have told them I will keep reducing my dose. I have injections at the ready and always take the tablets with me wherever I go. I do believe that the doctors shouldnt just pressume no one will ever recover. I read a journal from the Oxford University about spontaneous recovery of Primary addisons disease sufferers. There were 4 so far.. So if you dont get tested how would you know.. Please do not copy me because what I have said, this condition is LIFE THREATNING..I am using my body as a guide, I am never tired and can function normally without my dose in the morning that is not to say I dont have addisons disease but I am curious why I am always so well without taking it.. So this is just a study for myself if the doctors are not prepared to help.. But the doctor I spoke to this morning has said they will ring the hospital and see about me getting some tests but they told me dont set your mind on it. So I will wait until they have spoken to the hospital before reducing again. If I cannot have the tests done then I will trial myself on my own armed with all medication in case I need it.
This is really important to me and I will find out if my adrenals still dont work. All done as safely as I can..If they dont then at least I know..

I forgot to add I was diagnosed with Addisons due to a adisonian crisis because my adrenals produced no cortisol what so ever. that was 6 years ago. I believe my illness was caused through long term high levels of stress.

adrenal function.Oxford Universit

Treatment On HCIntroduction
Autoimmune Addison's disease (autoimmune primary hypoadrenalism) is generally regarded as an irreversible, progressive disease.1 Destruction of the adrenal glands leads to inadequate secretion of glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid that requires lifelong replacement. We, however, report a case of a patient with Addison's disease who has had a spontaneous recovery.
Case history
In 1990, a female patient aged 23 years had an uncomplicated first pregnancy until 32 weeks when she was admitted with nausea and abdominal pain. She had a past medical history of well-controlled epilepsy and mild asthma. She took phenytoin 450 mg a day, a regular beclomethasone 100 mcg inhaler and a salbutamol inhaler as required. On admission, she was found to have a generally tender abdomen. Her blood pressure was 110/70 mmHg with a pulse of 120/min. Initial working diagnosis was of an ascending urinary tract infection, cholecystitis or appendicitis.

Her blood test showed a sodium of 126 mmol/l (ref. range: 132–144 mmol/l), potassium of 3.6 mmol/l (ref. range: 3.5–5.5 mmol/l) and creatinine of 41 μmol/l (ref. range: 35–105 μmol/l). Alkaline phosphatase was raised at 173 IU/l (ref. range: 25–75 IU/l), the transaminases were normal and the albumin was low at 28 g/l (ref. range: 30–48 g/l). Her haemoglobin was 11.5 g/dl, white cell count 15.9 × 109/l and platelets 254 × 109/l. Urine culture, abdominal ultrasound and upper gastrointestinal endoscopy showed no abnormality. She improved clinically with broad spectrum intravenous antibiotics and intravenous normal saline, and was discharged.

A day after discharge, she was readmitted with vomiting and dehydration. She looked unwell and her blood pressure was 110/80 mmHg. Labour was induced; she had a normal vaginal delivery. There was no peri-partum haemorrhage.

The endocrine team was consulted a week post-partum. It was noted that she had pigmented skin and that her serum sodium was low at 129 mmol/l. A short synacthen test (SST) was performed which showed a suboptimal response with a baseline cortisol of 169 nmol/l, a synacthen stimulated cortisol of 175 nmol/l at 30 min and 162 nmol/l at 60 min (normal: >550 nmol/l). Her adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) was elevated at >60 ng/l (ref. range: 8–40 ng/l) confirming primary hypoadrenalism. Adrenal autoantibodies were not checked.

She was initially treated with prednisolone 10 mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening. A higher dose was chosen because of the enzyme-inducing effect of her phenytoin. Her symptoms and liver function tests dramatically resolved. A week later, prednisolone was changed to hydrocortisone 30 mg morning, 10 mg noon and 10 mg early evening (30/10/10 mg), fludrocortisone 50 mcg was started concurrently. During initial follow-up, her hydrocortisone dose was increased in response to symptoms of postural hypotension and being persistently tanned to 40/20/10 mg. Her fludrocortisone was increased to 100 mcg a day. She had another successful pregnancy in 1993.

In 2002, after a nauseating illness, which prevented her taking her medications, she stopped her hydrocortisone of her own accord. Interestingly, SST showed normal adrenal response, with a baseline cortisol of 497 nmol/l and a 30-min stimulated cortisol of 580 nmol/l. However, over that year she had two further SSTs with suboptimal results (Table 1) and was advised to take steroids when unwell or have an operation. In 2006, following a post-surgical bout of nausea and hypotension and subsequent SSTs showing suboptimal stimulated cortisol response, regular hydrocortisone, 20/10/10 mg and fludrocortisone was restarted.

All SSTs were performed having stopped hydrocortisone for at least 12 h. HC: hydrocortisone.
After being lost to follow-up, she was seen again in 2009. It transpired that she had not taken any hydrocortisone or fludrocortisone. We found that her SST had normalized although her ACTH and renin remained raised. Over the years of follow-up, she has had several repeat SSTs as well as ACTH and renin (Table 1). Current anti-adrenal, anti-21-hydroxylase and anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies are negative, but anti-nuclear antibodies are positive. Computed tomography (CT) imaging of the adrenal glands is normal. She remains well off hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone. Her urea and electrolytes remain normal. Her skin remains pigmented.
This woman had unequivocal overt primary hypoadrenalism that has resolved over time. Despite the absence of anti-adrenal and anti-21-hydroxylase autoantibodies, without an alternative diagnosis, autoimmune Addison's disease is the most likely diagnosis in this woman. An autoimmune aetiology is supported by recent positive anti-nuclear antibodies. Current negative adrenal antibodies lead us to hypothesize that decreasing titres of autoantibodies over time have allowed her adrenal glands to recover. Her current blood tests suggest a picture of subclinical primary hypoadrenalism with a raised ACTH and renin, but normal electrolytes and cortisol-response to synacthen.

There is a general belief that autoimmune Addison's disease is irreversible.1 In a recent study, Smans and Zelissen2 assessed for spontaneous recovery in 27 patients with long-standing autoimmune Addison's disease by carrying out SST after temporarily stopping their glucorticoid and mineralocorticoid; none showed signs of recovery. However, there are reports of recovery of subclinical primary autoimmune hypoadrenalism. In 20 patients with positive adrenal antibodies and various degrees of adrenal hypofunction, monitored for 5 years, six patients with subclinical adrenal failure, whose antibodies spontaneously disappeared with time, showed an improvement in adrenal function.3 Also reported is a 34-year-old women diagnosed with Graves’ ophthalmopathy and impaired cortisol response to synacthen whose antibodies regressed and adrenal function improved when treated with high-dose steroids.4 There is one case report of spontaneous partial recovery of overt autoimmune hypoadrenalism:5 a 39-year-old man with Addison's disease made a full clinical recovery after stopping his hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone 7 years after diagnosis. Off replacement treatment, repeat assessment showed normal cortisol response to ACTH stimulation, but a persistently raised ACTH and persistent weakly positive adrenal autoantibodies. Together with these studies, our case highlights that, although extremely rare, spontaneous recovery of adrenal function in Addison's disease can occur almost 20 years after initial diagnosis.


Thanks so much Michelle for your message. It gives me hope! I have not been diagnosed with Addisons Disease. I had some saliva tests done for hormone replacement which I am very laxed in. The report suggests I could have Addisons? I am having blood work done. I do not want to be on medical medicine and will do everything I can to get well if diagnosed. I know that changing your diet will help tremendlessly. Again, I'm so glad to hear you are better 😊
Blessings to you,

Inspiring! How's it going now?

Addison's is more complex then discussed here. Yes. You can reverse addison's, but if you have gone through addisonian crisis and your glands are destroyed you should be very careful trying this because you will most likely kill yourself if not done correctly. Most addison's cases.... (almost all) are created by doctors and medication. If caught in time or if symptoms are caught you absolutely can reverse the disease by diet alone. I have seen it first hand but I have also seen the other side of it as well. Good luck and be smart.

Gotta love the brain-dead hopeless zombies out there who seem to think that western medicine has all of and the only answers to disease management. Those who seek are in a much greater position to find than those who do not seek. I've heard the same hopeless nonsense from people about a myriad of "unproven cures" that I've seen work with my own (educated) eyes. If you are suffering, do not ever give up your hope. And do not ever give up your search. There will always be people who tell you "you can't." They are poison.

Some of these idiots below baffle my mind. "If there was a cure, doctors would use it!" Okay. Please, educate yourself on Big Pharma. Doctors get incentives for prescribing certain medications, paid vacations, and so on. It's also more profitable to treat than cure. YES there are cures for autoimmune diseases typically caused from "leaky gut" or being a c-section baby - intense probiotics, diet change, and so on. I've nearly cured all my vitiligo with ginkgo biloba and copper...that's also an autoimmune disease I was told there was no cure for. Wake up. Medicine comes from plants, our food, and so on. Then they make synthetic versions for profit and our bodies rarely recognized these synthetic forms. Our food is so depleted of nutrition from our ****** industrialized farming practices, there are toxins everywhere in your water and food, etc. Doctors take only ONE nutritional class; it's horrible. Doctors (Western ones) regurgitate what Big Pharma teaches them in text books and no one questions it. I have seen Western medicine fail my family so many times it's sickening...it even led to several deaths. Don't forget, not everyone was on the Dean's List and most of these doctors are "C" students as well. A raw healthy diet has even cured cancer...bet you also haven't even heard of the Rick Simpson cure too. Oh but you'll believe all the fake studies they publish to try and counter the truth about it curing people of cancer. It's all about the $$$ people. The almighty dollar.

So true doctors they just dump you on meds and leave you to it, no wonder people are trying to help themselves and good luck to each and every one of you trying to find your own cures whether it be by healthy eating probiotics etc.

I have a niece who has addisons disease since 6 years but she is also diabetic type 1 since age 7 she is 27 now.I would like to help her as she suffers a lot. Please advise thanks

Let me be #175-after testing positive from 15 minutes of torture in a tilt test yesterday, a 2 month diagnostic series ended with 0.1mg of florinef prescribed as my initial Savior;middle Ga. Ken-happy to know.

Thanks for sharing. I'm excited! My kids and I all are suffering.

Thank you-I had the hard task of informing my older brother-73- that his symptoms match mine and advised an immediate evaluation; fortunately my adult children were infant adoptees-Ken

I'm sorry but I don't buy it at all! I was diagnosed with Addison's disease at 13 and so far have been told of no cure. I think it's unfair to give people false hope and also, weening yourself off the hydrocortisone tablets to the point where you stop taking them is potentially life threatening and you could risk having an adrenal crisis. I would rather take my tablets for the rest of my life than rely on some herbal remedies that could put my health and future in jeopardy. Also, don't you think of there was a cure doctors would have found it by now?

ruby2302 I agree with you completely. This is a very dangerous course of action. I would never risk my son's life by removing his hydrocortisone for even one dose. That said, I wish Michelle the very best, and hope for her a long and healthy life.

Unfortunately the medication in itself damages your body over time.

Hi Michelle. Nice job healing yourself. I am also a self healer, fusing bones with the help of an acupuncturist when I was scheduled to have pins put in place, twice.

I've bounced back from an autoimmune disease through methods of which you speak of here. Just recently however my Adrenal system shut down, twice. I nearly passed out and had a very hard time controlling it.

I do see a Naturopath and she restarted my Adrenals the first time. I have an appointment with her for tomorrow to restart them again after just having another attack.

I'm a super healthy eating gluten free (not by choice) vegetarian (by choice) and would really, really love an idea of the exact foods you ate to build up your adrenal glands.

I know I can heal my body once again and appreciate your story as inspiration to this new challenge.

Thank you.

Hi my names darren punter I have had Addison's for 2 and half years now. I would really like to no your diet you was on as I really want to try it. I'm worried what steroids are going todo to my body ect can u help

Hello Darren, I am in no way an expert on this but also suffer form Primary Addisons. Listen to your body are you tired a lot if so I would recommend you eat plenty of Organic vegetables or juice them daily and take a good supplment and vitamin D 1000 for your bones. Also B12 Complex as it is depleted because of the meds. Cut out all junk food and eat foods that are cooked from scratch. So no boxed meals or takeaways.Once your body is not tired and you feel healthy on your meds mind as you cannot stop them. Then ask your doctors for tests to see what your cortisol levels are like, whether or not they will is up to them really I found them quite un helpful so far but keep pushing..

Sorry I don't buy it. You're giving false hope and there are so many variables to why people have Addison's You're vague cure including gulping down grass milkshakes makes no sense. You're not a medical professional and you shouldn't lead people on.

Thank you for posting this! I was diagnosed with Addison's 3 months ago, and I am still struggling the correct dosage of medication that will help me. I am also wanting to heal myself naturally. I appreciate your story, and I am grateful to know healing naturally is possible.

I would suggest you eat healthy organic veg and juice them, vitamin D for your bones and eat whole foods cooked from scratch i.e no junk or pre bought meals,maybe the meds will be sufficient then.. You cannot try to come off medication if your struggling it is life threatening

I was diagnosed with Addison's 4 weeks ago, and had a CT scan to follow up and see if there was any lesion on the glands. No lesions; however, my adrenal glands were smaller (shrunken) due to the damage done from my body fighting against itself. Were your adrenal glands damaged or were they just not funtioning correctly to get the "normal" range cortisol reading? I am on hydrocortisone pills currently, just to "feel" normal and not allow my body to shut down, but am looking into alternative ways. Just not sure what that is, if my adrenal glands are already damaged.

Your doctor will know if they are damaged ask them.

I'm interested to know if she was DX with primary or secondary adrenal insufficiency. There are no cures for autoimmune disorders, but they can be managed. It sounds like she had stage 4 adrenal fatigue, which threw her in to adrenal insufficiency. Also, I'm not going to say most, but a lot of fibromyalgia patients are really dealing with undiagnosed thyroid disease, which is widely misdiagnosed. Thyroid and adrenal go hand and hand. The depression and anxiety and fibromyalgia pain are clear symptoms of Hashimoto's disease. With the adrenals and thyroid, if one is not functioning properly, it often takes it's toll on the other one too.
I know so many spoonies that have worked so very hard trying to manage or 'heal' their illnesses. They've tried everything she did and then some. I'm currently getting peptide therapy, which is not even FDA approved in the states. It's very expensive. I've tried IT ALL. I blog about my experience with autoimmune diseases. So, while I'm very happy for this woman because she's doing so much better, there's several missing details to her health story and she may not know them herself. I've seen people test virtually 0 on the ACTH test one year and then pass the test the next year. They had secondary adrenal insufficiency, not primary. I'm hesitant to believe she had clinical Addison's disease, as in primary adrenal insufficiency, which usually includes antibodies attacking the adrenals. If you really want to believe in 'miracles' that's one thing, but medically, there are things missing from the story.

i am scared.

<p>Hi, <br />
<br />
Listen there absolutely no way anyone who has clinically been diagnosed with this disease that isn't on a regiment of Hydro and Florinef . Your story is interesting and provides a glimmer of hope for anyone who feels your treatment is true. Before you try the snake oil and the hocus pocus treatment methods you best fill out the will. Its obvious your Endo missed diagnosed you....no if or buts! Please get back on your meds before you hurt someone because you fainted while driving?<br />
<br />
Why do people gravitate to this non-sense...?<br />
<br />
I live a very solid, happy, successful life having been treated with Addison's for 30yrs...</p>

Couldn't say it better! I have Addison's it's not cured with diet and vitamins.


I am very interested in knowing about your journey. As per my endocrinologist there is no cure for Addisons. I can relate to you as I am equally determined to find a cure. Since you have been able to, I will really appreciate if you can send me the detailed information about what you eat etc?

Hi Miriamb,
My diet is mainly whole foods, although I am not completely restirctive. I try to follow a few guidelines: 1) staying alkaline, 2) keeping my gut healthy, 3) avoiding inflammatory foods (sugar, dairy, gluten, nightshade veggies...), and 3) getting *lots* of dark leafy green veggies, typically in the form of green smoothies. There are lots of references out there, but here are some of my favorites: "The Acid/Alkaline Food Guide", "The Body Ecology Diet", by Donna Gates, and "Green Smoothie Revolution", by Victoria Boutenko (this one has over 200 recipes!). I hope this is helpful - good health to you! ~Michelle

When are you coming out with your book? Are you going to sell the cure for Addison's ? Are you a doctor? Or do you sell your cure from a horse drawn wagon? You're encouraging people to abandon real medical solutions for some vague diet and special milkshakes ? That's dangerous and could result in in someone getting hurt or worse. If someone here listens to you and ditches their meds for special milkshakes they could die or they could pass out behind the wheel and kill someone. You're being foolish.

Hi read your story and I am so happy for you, my father was also diagnosed with the Addisons disease and we also went to Hollistic Dr. and following a strict diet for 6 weeks already but we dont see much of an improvement yet he has been drinking fresh vegetable juice every morning and is hardly eating any carbs. Can you please let me know more about the diet that you followed?

Thank you for your story! I have Addisons disease. Was diagnosed 2 years ago at the age of 40. i have been considering natural medicine and already exercise regularly. I will definitely be looking more into this. Thank you again! You have given me hope!

Wow this post is truly inspiring to me! I was diagnosed at 21 with addison's disease and hypothyroidism. I have been trying numerous things to heal my body... yoga, meditation, prayer, sea salt baths, castor oil packs, massage, chiropractic care, and eating only poultry or fish for meat, not drinking alcohol....but nothing is working and it can be very frustrating at times. I'd love to hear more about your journey!