Diagnosed 3 Years Ago But Have I Really Got Addisons

31 year old, mother of 3
Was originally diagnosed as borderline
Currently taking hydrocortisone and fludricortisone
Continually hitting the wall, total stress attacks, think I shouldn't be taking my meds cuz when I take more my stress levels get worse

Need someone to help me through this, hospital and gp useless

Regards tina
T1nah T1nah
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Check the type of meds you have. You might have a bad batch. I am telling everyone!
Read my letter to my doc:

Make sure you remove the curly brackets


I have Addison's, and I know that my stress levels (and just about everything else) gets worse when I'm taking the wrong amount of medication. This is difficult to determine as it's mostly based on how you're feeling, how stressed you are, potential illness, etc. Many times this is difficult to catch; It usually takes me several days to recognize that I'm feeling stressed, usually after someone asks me to stop yelling at them. :) It's a difficult disease to keep up with, and I'm certainly not capable of diagnosing or un-diagnosing, but the dosage of medication could certainly affect your symptoms that you noted above.