I Had Adenomyosis

Hi, I'm a 42 years old and I was diagnosed with adenomyosis in 2007. The pain was unbearable and the solutions were either removing the uterus or taking contraceptive pills. I have been on contraceptive pills for 5 years now. They helped with the pain but so many side effects. After a while I started loosing my hair and a doctor told me that it wasn't the pills but that I had lupus only in my scalp as my blood was negative. That's when I decided to find another solution. I started doing Natural Hormone Replacement. I went to a nurse (not too expensive compared to the HRT clinics) and she did a saliva test. My adrenals were not functioning properly, my progesterone was also extremely low among other vitamins. I started on a high dose of progesterone cream plus some natural vitamins and very important changed my diet. Must change diet, eat healthy, vegetables, salads low fat meats and fish. Eliminate white flour and processed foods from your diet and you will see a difference in a week! I'm still static. I started in March and I'm already off my contraceptive pill and guess what... NO PAIN!!! I feel good like new. For more information check on Christiane Northrup her books are very helpful and will help you understand the other symptoms that go together with hormonal disbalance even though we think they are not related (not sleeping, getting fat even if you exercise like a maniac, inmune system) By the way my inmune system was awful to the point that I had to take several different pills to help me breath but not anymore. I just want to give woman out there hope, take charge of your health and look for other options don't remove your uterus until you do your homework and tried other options. Good Luck!
41-45, F
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Hi there! Glad to hear you are well. Can you please give me the name & location of the doctor that gave u the saliva test? Thank u:)

Thank you. How are you doing now longer term?