Diagnosed With Adenomyosis at 21 years old

Yesterday I was diagnosed with adenomyosis, I am currently 21 years old and in may 2011 I had a miscarrage that ended in a dnc. Ever since my surgery my periods have not been the same, I begun to bleed in between periods or go a month or 2 with out a period also have had sharp pains. I had an ultra sound on dec.17 2012 and was told that i had adenomyosis based on my ultra sound results, I had blood work done also but that is all the tests i was given. My doctor was not helpful what so ever, he told me i had adenomyosis and that it would not affect my chances of getting pregnant again, but it will never go away and that i need to go on birth control pills, and to go home and research adenomyosis. my first question is could it be a possibility that i had been misdiagnose? Should I get more tests done? If so what kind of tests? I read about uterine fibriods and I must admit I have more of those syptoms then adenomyosis, is there a possibility that I have that rather then adenomyosis? I am seeing a specialist in a couple weeks, I think thats for the best, but right now my mind is going a little crazy so if anyone has imformation that could be helpful for me it would be very much appreciated.
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My wife was just diagnosed with it and she's only 26. So far every doctor we have seen has no answer but a hysterectomy. Everyday she is in debilitating pain and bleeds at least 20 days out of each month. I was wondering if you had any suggestions and was hoping it got better for you. Please reply if you get a chance. Thank you

You should get an MRI done to confirm it. I can relate to your story and I am 24 now.