Doctors Failed To Listen To Me

It has taken almost 10yrs to finally be told that what I was experiencing what in fact endometriosis and adenomyosis.
The endo has been treated (burned and cut out) but unfortunately they are not able to do anything about adenomyosis. They would like to do a hysterectomy but because I have not finished having children they can't.
For as long as I can remember......going to the doctors telling them of all the things that was hurting me during menstrual cycle, having sex, having bowel motions, ovulation, pelvic pain....doctors failed to do tests. They would just do a pelvic massage and say they could not feel any masses?????
4yrs ago I went for a smear and just happened to mention that when I was having sex, I would bleed. The doctor then said, there appears to be a growth just where your cervix is...(this was noted in my notes a yr ago from a previous check up but no one told me of this). Eventually I was seen by a specialist....3 operations later, I was told of what they found.
It saddens me to think that this could have been picked up sooner rather than later. No one should have to endure all this pain, whats worse is that I may not be able to have any more children. I am blessed to have one, she is 5. She told me she saw a shooting star one night....I told her she should make a wish.......I then asked what she wished for, of all the things a 5yr old should wish for......she replied saying, "I wished for a baby sister".
CheekyChocolate CheekyChocolate
41-45, F
Sep 20, 2013