50 And Just Diagnosed

Hello everyone,
I just wanna tell you a bit about my story. I have had some successes in my life , but also alot of screw ups. I knew there was something wrong since elementery school but it took me until last year to discover that I had adhd.
It was somewhat of a relief to finally discover that my issues had a name and that I wasn't just a big f----up. I had some trouble coping with life and became involved in alcohol and drugs to self medicate.
I had a lot of legal problems as a result of the boozing and driving . I ended up in jail many times. The last sentence was 2 years in the penitentary. I have had relationships , the longest over 10 years , but rocky. I did father a wonderful boy , now 12 who I want to be a better person for, and for myself too.
I'm now clean and sober 20 months , and am on meds for my adhd. It has helped alot but I see this as a long term project. I just listened to a book called 'driven to distraction' by e. hallowell. It is really good. I see my present self in the process of incorporating all of my new realities into my life. There was a lot of damage done to my self worth and identity , from so many decades of being not diagnosed and just considering myself somehow defective.
I hope that people will talk about this condition and more youth will recieve the correct diagnoses before they have decades of struggle,
addiction , isolation , depression , and anxiety, which can be the results of not being correctly diagnosed and treated.
Best wishes to all , and stay positive , maybetheone.
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You said it deltadon.I certanily could have used more help raising my son.The red tape is awful.

too many holes in the system..