How It Effected My Childhood.

I've always had trouble concentrating on my teacher and because of that. Teacher's never really liked me. I've had a handful of teachers since elementary school that treated me like a normal student yet understood my problems. They either treated me like a special ed child or they treated me like I was the worst student in the world. My parents enlisted me in every sport possible. I grew up playing basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and even swimming. I also grew up without medication so basically my whole life I had to deal with feeling like a car that constantly stuck in second gear. When high school started, i was forced to stay up till 1 or 2 in the morning finishing homework. I grew up working twice as hard as every other student. I passed every grade with flying colors though, only getting a B in Math once because the teacher gave me a quiz on something I was absent for.
I'm in college now though and I still have AdHd but I do belivie i've grown out of most of my symptoms. Just felt like sharing. Thank you for reading.
Bakerandstuff Bakerandstuff
18-21, M
Jun 12, 2012