Ugh man I hate my mom for this. I have to get my summer reading done and answer the questions with the book. She keeps yelling at me to get these questions done, and right now I'm sitting here looking at these questions, trying to answer them, but I can't concentrate. I just look at them and I can't get it. Then I go to Facebook or YouTube for a while, then I try and get back to it. Can't do it. I forget what I'm even doing sometimes. I try and tell her that I need help for this, because I can't do anything unless it's due the next day. He just keeps saying "Well that's gonna change this year". Yeah, my *** it's gonna change. What the hell are you gonna do about it then. Nothing. Just sit on your *** all day and complain because I don't do anything. It's so frustrating.
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I hate that; it's just like, "oh, work? okay! bye!" and your brain shuts down. You should really talk to your school counselor if no one else will listen; the counselor can probably at least try and help you out with study habits and strategies, if they can't talk your mom into bringing you to ask a psychiatrist about the difficulties you're having. If nothing else, I drink green tea when I can't focus! Try that out, maybe it'll work for you too. Hope that helps!

My mom gives me the best medicine for my ADHD. Cannabis. Read my posted story here or reply to my message and I will send it to you.

Wow, must be nice. I can't do it, because I'll without a doubt get caught, even though I REALLY want to.