Adult Adhd

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult in many ways I wish it was picked up before I went to uni but I cant change that just deal with the present. I am currently completing an honours research study in to the experiences of adults diagnosed with ADHD. It has been a major adjustment in my life but I'm still the same person just a little less out of control :) and my psychiatrist looks alot like Mr Maki from South Park mmmkay ha! There is a ton more stuff but I'd hate to bore the crap out of people!
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No tell me more.I find it interesting.

id love to here more o btw if you want to be bored check mine out just posted it and didn't finish lol wonder why :P

i love that you're researching it :) are you familiar with thomas brown at yale? i really like what he's written, especially about the absolute non-relationship between add and intelligence/talent.

yeah, don't be afraid to write more! & that's so funny that your doc looks like Mr. Maki. i love South Park. xD

i was diagnosed with ADD a few years ago and i believe it is essential to get the right doctor to work with. support groups are also helpful, so you feel less alone.

Diagnosed today at 44. Psych said IQ 140 but the attention span of a gnat! <br />
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If only it had been recognised in the 1960's! What could i have acheived! Aaargh!<br />
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Still... Talking to another Doc tomorrow about meds. Fingers crossed :o)

I wasnt diagnosed until I was nearly 40....<br />
I just live with it....

I don't think anyone would be bored by more! I enjoy reading the longer stories (well, so long as there are paragraphs, rather than just a constant stream of text).<br />
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Welcome to the EP!