I Am Not Dumb!

I am the poster child for ADHD. A pic of my face should be on that page in the DSM 4. I am now 36 and getting younger!(like other with ADD, I don't think I am older.) I just don't take as much risks as I once did. 

I could go on and on.

I believe ADD saved me from a very tramatic childhood. I was in lou-lou land until it was over. I told myself, 18 is the finish line. No one can control me or hurt me anymore if I don't let them. I will be of my own power at 18! I swear I can tell you almost anything about my childhood as if it happened to someone else. (Most of the time, memories are like bomeranges they always come back!)

The part of ADHD I hate is the dumb stigma. I have gotten it all my life. I was even given 2 IQ test just so "they" would know how dumb I really was. Most people think grades are a indicater of IQ. They are not. I suck at multible choice. (They confuss me.) I am great with essays. (I get to talk!) Any way even at my age I still feel the urge to knock someone out cold when they make the very deadly mistake of calling me dumb.

I don't know many ADHD adults. So this site is great. Does this botherany one else as much as it does me?

Codie Codie
Mar 19, 2009