Oh Boy, Where Do I Start?

I have ADHD, I found out this year 2007 about 7 months ago, ever since ive been on Strattera, I know its made some difference as my boss has commented on my improvements in the work place. A few months after starting strattera I was put on Wellbutrin 300mg and then later bumped to 450mg which I think is the max you can take, I believe it helps alot with the Obsessive compulsive side of things, and a little with the depression, and makes me alot calmer when it comes to stress. However I still have anxiety and I still have issues with ADHD, the issues aren't completely handled and I don't know what to do. I have been working hard and have even gotten compliments from my boss and co-workers.. My question was if I was to try a stimulant medication, which would be the best and why? are they safe? which is the safest and most effective?, and why?


I am also taking 3000mg of fish oil and 1000mg of flax oil 3 times a day for a total of 12g, which is 3g over the amount reccomended for Major depression, I believe this dose has mellowed me out and I'm not so quick to attack.. so to speak. I believe the Omega3 fatty acids work great, just think they require high doses to achieve any useful benefits.

What can I do to make things better? i still yell at my fiance and i cant control my temper.

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i think you should try synaptol. I've heard it works great. plus no side effects.

Some of the symptoms may be about incomplete emotional experiences or about dissppointments that are not really chemical in nature. I've taken Ritalin and it surely improves concentration. I found it calmed anxiety as well.

strattera made me dizzy so i stopped it. now the anxiety is awful