I Like And Hate It

Turns out I do have hyperactive tentancies so now yeah I have adhd, probably had it for my entire life and never even knew.
I manage pretty well handling it on my own overall, just battle the forgetfulness and the 2000 random thoughts at once kinda thing lol.
Mostly the forgetfulness and focus side of things are problematic. I kinda got over the 2000 thoughts at once thing.
Specially since Im going to university next year and I cant stuff around, so meds for me even though Id rather not but I guess I dont have a choice.
Oh well so be it. Thats the side I dont like. The side I do like is all the ideas I have and how it sets me apart from everyone else.
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I discovered I had ADHD when I went back to school at age 33. Take the meds. It makes the long concentration periods sooo much easier. I was so excited the day I was able to sit for 4 hours drafting at a computer and actually work at detailed stuff. Before my meds, I only lasted 15 minutes. Also, ADHD is considered a 'mental disability' with the schools and I was able to sit my exams with time extensions because of my concentration difficulties. Contact the counsellors. <br />
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My suggestion is buy a tape recorder and tape the classes. Use your calendar and put in lots of reminders. I found days when I couldn't even remember I went to a class or I had a mid term that day. I had reminders posted in my locker, in my binders, asked friends to remind me, in my phone. I tried to finish all my work in class if possible because I forgot if I didn't or couldn't sit down long enough to concentrate. Also, ask lots of questions and reword your questions if you have to until you understand. Ask them to explain in diagrams or physically. You will find you understand a lot better.<br />
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Good luck