Damn Frustration With The Ontario Health System

Ok.dear friends i've been trying to get dianosised with Adhd of months now and i'm getting pissed as the health care works seem to be putting of any attempt to have me dianosised so i can move forward and get the treatment i so badly need.
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Talk to your elected officials about your need to get help. Focus on your symptoms and your fear but don't necessarily mention the exact diagnosis you're seeking. See what they say. <br />
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What do you want the government to do to help you, exactly? Provide counseling, drugs, what?<br />
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Why do you think they are not willing to give you the treatment? Cost? Can you pay for it yourself? Surely if you are suffering and believe you know what will help, you can get it if you provide the resources to cover the cost.....if not, come to the US. Health care is available for those who need it, providing they have the money to pay for it.

My Doctor just chuckled and said " ADHD is a childhood condition and there is NO proof that adult versions exist." Is it just me or do scientist/doctor types always fall back on that "no hard evidence" crap when they don't understand something. I find that doctors are the worst because they can't understand how were feeling since we seem mostly normal. They obviously don't have the condition since they were able to focus their way through med school.

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It took the Education System 22 years until they finally diagnosed me with ADHD. I'm in my 30s.

yes i know the feeling