everyone thinks this **** is fake, but I have it and I don't have insurance to pay for my prescription and it sucks, im a 26 year old Junior in college and can't help feeling that i would be done by now if I had some meds. **** you america, **** you and your ******* health care system for the rich. yea im pissed off, you would be too if you had all the ******* distractions in your head that I do. sorry for the language i'm just tired of dealing with this ******* bullshit.
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"lay me down, let the only sound, be the overflow, pockets full of stones"<br />
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****'s rough out here, we all know it, yet we're all too busy quoting music and movies to show our uniqueness. I see people walking, they mainly look at the ground, as if others don't matter. I hate this life, I dislike american culture, I feel like a freak

They want us to fight/die in their wars, or send our kids to fight/die in their wars, they want us to be patriotic Americans...but, sometimes I wonder, why should we? (this is not against our wonderful soldiers, my only son served honorably in two war campaigns and suffers from the emotional and physical consequences of war)....The truth is, the government is doing less and less for it's citizens, and taking more and more out of their pockets .....I think we should demand health care, and keep demanding it, the pla<x>yers know that we have such short attention spans, so they toss in social and moral issues like same sex marriage and abortion, and get everyone to run to one side of the street or the other and get a holy war going....while they watch grinning and fat and do nothing about anything that affects ALL Americans. If that doesn't work, they get dirty and deadly, and throw in a war or two when things get really hot, SOME OF US KNOW that we are being manipulated and played as idiots....As a nation we need to get serious about holding the feet of these politicians to the fire on this healthcare issue. (threaten to cut their pay, ALL OF THEM and this **** will get done much quicker) Who else gets paid for NOT EVER doing what their bosses demands? Oh sure, they have ALL of the answers, until it comes to actually DOING something that will help the average person in this country who works harder than ever for less than ever....Sorry to rant, I hope you find the help you need. I hope the general public begins to undertand that we cannot legislate morality, but we can be fair with our citizens and provide healthcare services FOR ALL PEOPLE.

Did you try apply for the state plan. Go to www.gov.com go to state and local, choose your state and look for medicad or state ins plan for low income individuals. Sometime you can apply on line. Make sure to state that you have a mental illness and need your medications.On the site you may also find some other type of help.<br />
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Good luck, I hope you get some help.