What Was That?!

I have adult ADD
not physically hyper
but my mind can't focus unless I love what I am focusing on, and don't get interrupted
I must have had this as a child too
but I got good grades so no one suspected or cared
even then it was not physical, just mental

hopefullyhumble hopefullyhumble
56-60, M
4 Responses Feb 24, 2012

Thank you hopefullyhumble for your post. Have you tried things to help you focus on the things you don't find of interest? I was wondering if you have any ideas that may help get through those.?

You sound like me. I could never focus on anything in highschool, but in college i have found what i love and its engineering science of all aspects and fields, now im on track to going to a 4 year college, preferably M.I.T. or clarkson or Carnegie or UMass, who knows. Never underestimate ones ability to academically and mentally succeed just because of a genetic deficiency.

Hi hopefullyhumble,<br />
Me too. And not being hyper as you say no-one notices. How did you work it out? that's taken me over 40 years. Nice to see we are not all alone, so thanks for putting your post up...

Dear HopefullyHumble,<br />
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Thank you for sharing your story, what a brave soul you are ! We are kindred spirits as I too, have ADD.....lol

has A D D affected your life much?