I Most Likely Have It, But I'm Not Going To Take Pills.

Around the age of six I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on pills for it. These did help me concentrate and do better in school, but I also suffered from really bad side affects. I had hallucinations, delusions, found red spots on my joints, and I'm sure they caused other problems as well.

So eventually I decided to fake having gotten over ADHD and by the time I was around 16 or 17 I was taken off the pills. Since it's been a pretty long time I don't know with perfect accuracy what it is I was on, but if I remember correctly I was on Ritalin and Zoloft(I believe the zoloft was for anxiety) for a while and then later switched to Metadate CD and something else; I took a blue and white capsule as well as small, round purple pill, one of which was Metadate CD and the other was the unknown pill.

Despite everyone thinking I don't have it anymore, however, I think it is likely that I still have it. I have trouble concentrating , I tend to be restless when sitting for a period of time, I find it difficult motivating myself to do things, and I can be impulsive. I also find algebra incredibly difficult to learn and I'm a procrastinator, though I'm not sure if those would be symptoms or not since I do well in subjects that interest me.

Also, I suspect my difficulty getting motivated may be why I've had so much difficulty getting a job or my driver's license. Some would try to say I'm just making excuses, but not having a job truly stresses me out even though I can't seem to motivate myself to go put in like 20 applications and call them once a week to check up on the applications.

So yeah it is likely that I still have it, but pills seem like a really bad idea.
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I understand everything you are going through, man. I have the exact same problems. I was never put on those specific medications. I am on a med now for stress, and it is helping. But i still can't focus for the life of me. I think meds are the way to go though. it's difficult to do things on your own when you have ADHD. as much as I try to do things on my own, I just end up failing and ending up exactly where I started because I am unable to focus and become distracted by my own thoughts and outside distractions. Hang in there dude! you can do it!

I hope that you will eventually get the motivation that you need to put in those applications...

Thanks. I've managed to put in one recently, but I probably need to put in a lot more since I'm not having much luck.

yup you need to put in a lot more and hope for the best :)