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My grandson seven years old has adhd. His grandmother and I had him diagnosed two years ago before returning him to his parents (which was a mistake on our part). He is in the first grade which he has failed because of his adhd. The school does not know how to make him behave with his disorder and neither does his mother.

They say ones personality is fixed at seven. God I hope that's wrong really. He is a bright and loving child but is being destroyed by his mother and the teachers at his school. This is braking my heart. His grandmother and I are the only ones who understand his adhd. Extentialist
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He has the both of you in his life how wonderful lucky the child is. It has to be so hard to watch knowing his disorder and watching the people around him not dealing with him properly. Has the mother given permission for the two of you to work with the school? Would she give you permission if you haven approached this idea?

The answer to the last two questions is no. The school does not know how to correct his behavior. My daughter in law also has a rotton fifteen year old girl. She is totally distraught on having two disruptive children. If my wife or I try to get involved at the school they they will tell my daughter in law and she will go off the deep in which she is close to now. It's a bad situation. Your prayers will be appreciated greatly. Paul

Sorry there is nothing else to say. Paul

Its hard until you understand the condition. Just thank god he has you. Once people understand they see the person for what they are and not just see the ADHD.

Good luck