Think I Have Adhd

I'm 35. Always felt like something is missing. I now think I have ADHD or ADD.

From a young age my memory has been terrible. I can't remember details from the page before the one I am on and sometimes a few lines. Films with lots of characters or complicated stories are a struggle. Remembering directions after I have been somewhere already is hard. Sat nav rules or i just drive round hedging my bets. My brain doesn't seem to be able to compute all this info. I'm a natural athlete and hand / eye coordination is good but find it hard to follow instruction doing news things unless I do them 50 times. I start things and never finish. My guitar playing is the same as it was 20 years ago as I can't practice although I think I want to. When learning new things I have to fight my mind where to start and what details to write down and usually cross reference it all and end up with more than the book itself - only to forget it all. I am a different, happy person during a new relationship, full of energy and enthusiasm only to become more withdrawn and eschew more social events. I hate loud noises and fidgeting. I chatter to myself all the time. I wake a lot. I am restless 24/7 and never felt content. Never felt I'd be 100 per cent happy. I work a lot on my own and can't focus at all. I've gambled a lot which has caused a few other issues. I'm very impulsive and have lots of highs and lows. I feel I never switch off. I thought I was good with money but I now don't think I am. I'm quite well organised which I think I become to compensate. I've had quite a few jobs I've kept for 2 years. I somehow managed to get a degree as a nature student although was very disinterested and don't know how I finished it. I have a job now I like but it's a struggle to remain focused.

I've been diagnosed with depression in my youth but after reading up more and more think there are massive elements of ADD or ADHD in my life which have always been there.

Reading real life accounts of these conditions I have had the ' that's like I wrote that ' moment time and time again. It's so powerful that I can't see me not suffering with this.

I am going to visit my doctor (I am from UK) to discuss and will keep an open mind.

I'm hope some of the symptoms can be treated to make all aspects of my life better.

Thanks for reading.
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I am 33 and I am undergoing formal testing for ADHD now. As of a few months ago, I started seeing a therapist due to issues I was having at work with performance reviews. I saw some articles and quizzes online about Adult ADHD and thought the symptoms listed were a lot like what I saw in my own life and like feedback I had gotten from my manager at work. Now that I look back, I wonder how much of my childhood issues were from unresolved ADHD. I did fine with grades in school, but the work was usually easy and I didn't have to study. But my social situation was atrocious...I didn't even feel any kind of motivation to please people and fit in at all. I could not even understand why anyone would care how I dressed or how I did my hair, and ended up being an easy target for bullying. The kids my age just totally baffled me...I could not understand them at all. I just sat by myself all the time and daydreamed. If this comes down to having had ADHD my life will finally make some sense.

Well I can see many of the things that match with ADHD but that of course is no guarantee. I'm no specialist :) Heck I'm not even close xD

But it sounds like it a lot. I think it is a good idea you go to a doctor and find out. Maybe you can find some answers, help, or other people that struggle with similar problems. All of them could be things that may help you out somehow but maybe you can help others as well!


I can relate to all of the above!!

I am 44 and got diagnosed a year ago, it changed my life, I now feel that there is a reason for me being a bit odd!

It was a hard road as my doctors did not know what to do with me so I basically had to find out myself and tell them.

In the end I got my diagnosis and am on meds which are helping no end. I am still very ADD but can focus on work more and do not spend all my waking hours in a fog of daydream.

If you feel like you need someone to sound off to, let me know.I am happy to help.

I attended a support group and found this was so valuable.Just to feel like I fitted in somewhere. If you have no one then its a lonely world.

Hope all goes well, keep in touch,

Being treated changed my life, I'm not perfect but a lot BETTER Good luck.

I usually check my spelling!! I was a mature student, not a nature student. Ha!

I cant spell to save my life, I would have been fired by now if it wasn't for spell check.