My brain just works on overdrive is all I say lol. I've always had difficulty sitting still and staying focused on any one task at a time. My Dr. put me on Adderall XR two years ago and they really seemed to make a huge difference for me. I am able to clear my head of the fog that seemed to be distracting me before and I still have the energy to work my 10 hour days and still hit the gym.
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Adderall is an amphetamine based drug the side effects could be what's making you feel the way you feeling right now . I only been sleeping four hours a day for the last few years from taking something similar .

I've only been on adderall about two years now, but I've had trouble sleeping since I was about 13 :( . I typically get about 2 hours of sleep, yet if I'm really luck I get 4. Tonight zero! Gotta go to work in an hour yippee lol.

Most people who have ADD also suffer from insomnia.

Yeah I have it really bad.

Me too and three. :o)

Yes, I totally understand and I'm in agreement with you 100%. Sometimes I am lucky to get a whole two hours of sleep in one night.

This is very common for peeps with ADD. Sometimes I am drad tired, thinking tonight is going to be the night I get some sleep and nothing but frustration. I agree 4 hours of sleep at this point is sweet! Hang in there!

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