I Just Always Thought I Was Weird!

I've known for a few years now that I have ADHD... but I've unofficially known since I was a kid.

As a child I had all sorts of problems at school. Most of my problems involved disorganization, not paying attention in class, forgetting to do or turn in my homework (or losing it!) and having social skills problems. The other kids thought I was weird and annoying. My teachers thought I was a behavior problem. My parents thought I was just a free spirit who needed to be convinced to go with the flow. But I knew there was something more.

When I was in high school I read about ADHD in a newspaper article, and I was so interested in it that I read a book about it too. It described me perfectly! I went to my mom and said, "I think I know whats wrong with me!" My parents were dubious. They still thought I owas just stubborn, with a side of laziness.

Later when I began having even more problems in high school, my mom suspected I might have Aspergers Syndrome. Reading about this described me to a T also!

I began referring to myself as having both ADHD and aspergers, and reading as much as I could about both,to try to figure out how to survive this world.

It wasn't until I was 23 that I got a legal diagnosis   c

You can read my blog about life with ADHD at http://adhdangel.blogspot.com.

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Hi. I only discovered I had ADHD until my son was diagnosed in about 2007. He was 5 years old when he was diagnosed. I knew he was just like me. I was brought up by very strict parents. I was always scared to show my true self. I tried his medication 36mg methylphenidate. It worked like magic. I could concentrate, I just felt 100% better within myself. I have been on different medication for years for depression and anxiety and nothing has worked like this. I want to tell my doctor but i'm embarrassed about telling him that I have taken my sons medication. does anyone know what I should do??

wish you the best with this, i'll check out your blog. i fit some of the aspergers symptoms, but not enough for me to think i have it, although i may. i was diagnosed when i was 8 with adhd, but i never knew about it until literally about a week ago! i had suspected i had it since last summer though but wasn't sure until now. yeah my parents think similar to yours, though not exactly. <br />
<br />
i am thinking of checking to see if my library has any books on adhd, i want to learn as much as i can about it. i feel so much better since finding out for sure i have adhd.<br />
<br />
like i said, i wish you the best. you are getting treatment right? i am currently checking out alternative natural treatments, im hoping they work.

Good wishes are coming your way....did you get them?? :)