My Mothr In Law Is Not Ready To Accept Me.

I am 22 yrs old.. i m a single parents r lives wid her family i mean in my matternal house. though i also born and brught up there,but since 2006 due to my studies i was away from them..i used to stay in hostel since then... now I work in IT company.donn feel to stay home wid family..coz in ma maternal hous my uncles love me a loot...but my aunties dont like mom is busy wid her personal life...talks very less wid me.. so now i stay alone in my rented such a situation my boyfriend is my family.,.u may say he is my parents,he is my frind,he is my lover,my husband everything...we r togethr from last 4 yrs...but the problem is that HIS MOM DONT LIKE ME.and the reason behind it is i dont have fathr.she(my mothr in law) says that as from the child hood i never got a complete family so might be i wil not be able to maintain his son's family..i never can be a good wife or a good mother....she dont want her son to get married wid Icant live without my i said he is my life he is my family...but beside that his fathr passed away in the yr his mom is also alone.there is no one wid her xcept his son(my boy frind). so i also dont want that she gets hurted by her son's decession... I want my bf to listen to his mom...but we love each othr very much..we waana be togethr forever,,,,but dont know how it is possible without hurting his boyfrind tried to convience his mom several times abt my issues..but wenever he starts talking abt this his mom says "yur fathr has left me u have yur own life....u have yur girlfrind..why u'l care for me..." all he stops saying about pls help me out from this situation...plss...... 

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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

That's a tough one. It sounds like nothing your boyfriend says will do any good. So here's my advice: don't try to talk her into liking you, but prove that you're good enough. Support your boyfriend through thick and thin, be faithful, do everything you should be able to do and do it well. Any reasonable person will realize, after a time, that you are hard-working, reliable and worth that boy. If you can keep a family together with him until his mom likes you, you can make a family with him and raise children and do everything his mom says you can't do. So take it really slow. Forget about pride and getting what you deserve. Just prove that you are who you say you are, you are good enough, and she should come around. If she doesn't, she's not worth having in your life. You can still marry your boyfriend. You just won't see her because you don't get along. It's not the worst thing in the world. If your boyfriend means as much to you as you say he does, then you can live with his mom never accepting you, and love him all the same, and raise a family even though she discourages it. That's the only thing you can do -- do exactly what you would if she tolerated you, and keep your head up.