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When I Caught My Son ************...

I was watching a TV show one evening…and there was a scene on this particular show…where the mom accidentally walked in on her teenage son…while he was ************. Opsie Daisy.

Well…instead of this mom simply walking away…and ignoring her "close encounter" after she had quickly shut his door…she decided to be honest about the situation…and enter her son’s room again…much to her son’s obvious embarrassment. The mom then parked her tushie on his bed…with her son still on it…and with his pants still unzipped. She then proceeded to take her son’s laptop out of his hands… and begin watching the **** movie with him. The son’s expression was priceless…and ranged anywhere between outrage…disbelief…and complete horror.

Well…let me tell you...I laughed so hard I cried…because I’ve had this exact situation happen to me before in the past.

I caught my son ************ twice when he was 14…and I handled it differently both times. The first time…he was under a blanket on his bed…so I quickly apologized and shut his door. When he mentioned the situation 30 minutes later…to grump at me of course …I played dumb…and said I was sorry for waking him up. He didn’t press me any further…so the incident was soon forgotten about.

The second incident occurred one morning when my son was already up…and when he wasn’t underneath any type of bedding…so deniability was completely out of the question. When my son came out of his room approximately 15 minutes later…he was pissed. Of course…he would have been more upset if he had known how much I laughed right after I had quickly left his room…but that’s a whole other story. I looked at my son with a big smile…apologized profusely…and then told him he needed to start locking his bedroom door during “************ hour” since he wasn’t responding to my knocks...and I thought it was okay to enter his room. *giggles*

I guess my advice worked…because no further incidents occurred.

Every time I think about these two incidents I always giggle...because it was so funny when it happened...and it's one of those types of situations that no one or nothing can truly prepare for. You simply have to fly by the seat of your pants. :)
KassieKat KassieKat 46-50, F 41 Responses Dec 31, 2011

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can I show you my penis?

Did your dad ever catch you, as you fingered yourself, and how did you feel?.

When I caught my 9 year old ************ I just laughed and jumped in but I only sucked his little penis for 3 seconds thn once I finally noticed wat I did I felt horrible but tht night it was horrible for me cuz my husband was having an affair and I just went out for a drink

Bullshit!! You expect us to believe this? Your son is 9 and your like 23...??
This means you had him at 14? I think not!!

Once I forgot the towel to clean myself after shower, and i didn't notice. I *********** in shower and when i finished my bath my penis was still a little bit hard, i called my mom to bring the towel and then she entered and shaw my penis semi-erected, she started laughing. then she told my father :S

My mom also froze when she walked in on me! I don't think she ever expected to see it all "up" and out like that in my hand! haha! She just stood there staring with her mouth wide open. After a while I just said "hi mom" and actually waved it at her! We both busted out laughing and she apologized and left the room. We always joke about it now!

You waved eh? That's funny. I'm glad the situation unfolded the way it did...and that you can now joke about it. Cool beans! :)

Caught mine several times hes a bit of a peeker too....I play dumb .always trying to get a glimpse of something boys will be boys I guess im just glad the other is a group

I walked in on my son. He had his eyes closed and ipod earbuds in and didn't hear me. I was a little shocked, I froze. Just as I has turning to leave he climaxed and opened his eyes and saw. He looked pretty embarassed. I just smiled and told him to clean up and we could talk about it later. He came downstirs a little lter and I made sure I made it clear it ws ok that he ***********. He felt much better after our talk. I still smile when I think about how I just froze up.

I too froze like a deer in headlights the first time. It felt like an hour...but it was only a split I totally get your response. I'm glad you handle things the way you did with your son. My son just shakes his head and laughs now whenever this particular topic is brought up on the rare occasion. I'm happy to say he's amused by what happened years ago...and not embarrassed. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. :)

nice educational story

Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. :)

My mom would reminded me of getting caught. She would smile about it to. I think every mother has caught their son at least once.

Hmm...I never really thought about that particular detail before...but perhaps you are right. *smile* I would imagine that it happens more than is talked about for sure. Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to see you. :)

great story, great mom

Thanks so much! :)

Hahahaha omg that would be so embarrassing lol your story made me laugh so much, but I would want to die if I got busted haha

He did get pretty embarrassed. But he covered it up well. We laugh about now. :)

This is a very interesting article. I never had children so I don't know what my reaction would be. I'd like to think I would have been as honest and open as all the responders here and make my child know it was acceptable, healthy, and best practiced in private.

Absolutely! I think this is so important. Thanks for commenting. :)

I never got caught ************ because I didn't start ************ until I was a senior in college and by then I wasn't living at home. I wish I'd caught on sooner and I've tried to make up for lost time ever since... I wonder if parents worry if they DON'T discover their children are ************

Your a mature, open minded mom. Thank you for not going spaz and freaking out, giving the young man a complex for the rest of his life.....two thumbs up to you Mom, your super.

Thanks! I appreciate your kind words. :)

You handled it well in your circumstances I think.

Thanks! I certainly tried. Thanks for stopping by. :)

you are a good mom.. Parents are there to teach their children. its odd that when it comes to sexuality and ************ , the parents seldom help out. I like your attitude and I hope you will advice him and that will help him in life to respect and handle women better

Oh absolutely. We've even gotten a good laugh about this story years my son is now in his mid 20's. Back then it wasn't too funny in his opinion...but now he realizes that things could have been a lot more embarrassing. *smile* And son has grown up to be a wonderful man who is quite genuine and respectful to all the women in his life. I appreciate your comment. Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

You are a great mom. My mom is the same, if she had made me feel bad about playing with myself I don't know how it would have turned out. After she caught me she told me it was perfectly fine for me to ********** and she would remember to knock when my door was closed. It made it so much better not worrying about being caught that I could really enjoy myself.

I'm so glad your mom was so cool in the way she handled this situation with you. Thanks for commenting. :)

************ Hour? Oh god :) That had me rolling.

Thanks for commenting. :)

I agree ************ Hour seems a little regimented....but fun though!

Pretty much same when i caught my son first time... i smiled and said sorry and left his room. Later had a chat with him, telling it is normal, natural, healthy and fun and nothing to be embarrassed about. I guess he believed me, since he still does it a lot... :)
I had similar situation with his sister, and that went fine too.

Good for you. *smile* I think this is the right way to handle things. Thanks for commenting. :)

There's been a couple of times where I almost got caught by my mom ************ when I was younger. Thank God that my bedroom was so close to the stairs, or else I would've been caught for sure. Even though I'm certain that she knew what I was doing, getting caught still would've been very mortifying.

my mom told me she caught my bro many times for various reasons. sometimes he thought he was alone, others he left his door open, stuff like that. she said her main concern was not to make a big deal out of it. some embarrassment is expected of course, but she told him it's as natural as breathing and not to worry about it. sounds like you handled it perfectly.

I agree with your mom. *smile* Thanks for commenting. :)

Since it IS a part of life to ********** I don't see why some parents freak out and go spastic.

I agree. I can think of some reasons why some parents might freak out...but they all tie back to the parent being uncomfortable in some way about sex for the most part IMHO. :)

I agree with you whole heartedly.

What TV show was this?

First season of the Big C.

You handled the situation perfectly. I was caught "Red Handed" by my Mom when I was 12 or so looking at the Sears catalog, of women in bra's and panties.. Its funny now.
Add me. You sound like fun

Thanks. I did my best...which is all you can really do as a parent. Thanks for commenting. :)

I was caught the first time when i was visiting my stepmom - she handled it much differently. Who knows if thats part of why i am

Priceless ! And, as a former teenage done, humiliating...

Oh well. Life happens right? My son actually brought this up to me recently...and thanked me for being so cool about it way back when. At first...I just smiled and nodded my head...and then I proceeded to burst out laughing...because as long as I live...I told him I would never forget the look on his face. Of course...that's when I was informed by my son that my expression was pretty priceless as well. *laugh* Again...another situation...that life does not prepare you for. Thanks for commenting. :)

How could you not comment on this story? Knowing how often I pleasured myself as a teen, it is surprising I didn't get caught more often.

My mom caught me, the first time I was sooo embaresed, but she was great, later we sat down and chatted about it, she said all boys do it, so do girls, it's a natural thing to do, she was fantastic, and told me that I shouldn't be embaressed about it, what a great mom, I had....

Your mom was awesome! I'm so glad you had a positive experience. Thanks for commenting. :)

No problem, have a lovely day honey...

When I was 16, my dad caught me. I had thought he left for work and no one else was home so I left my door wide open. My dad came to say goodbye and there I was. He told me he had ****, condoms, and ************ toys in his drawer if I needed it. Then walked away. He was a great dad

I'm glad he responded in a positive manner. Thanks for commenting.

Embarrassing as it may be, he should be more careful. You handled it properly. This sort of thing happens a lot.

Thanks. I appreciate your comment.

However embarrassing it was to get caught as a boy, I'd have been far more humiliated to have had my Mom sitting on my bed beside me watching my ****. That's crawl under a rock and die stuff! Thank God I had neither laptop nor video **** in my youth. The biggest thing I had to worry about was being able to discreetly return my Dad's nudist magazines to their hiding place in his closet. :)

I think my son would have agreed with your statement at the time. Thanks for the comment.

I just read the last line of your story again. Parenting is, indeed, ALL about flying by the seat of your pants and it looks like you fly very well.

You sound like a really cool mom and that's what it takes to raise children properly. Your children were lucky to have you for a mom. After reading too many stories here about abused children, it is refreshing to read about something "normal."

I do try...while still having fun. Thanks very much for your kind words. I greatly appreciate it. :)