Trying To Find Agoraphobics Who Are Ready To Conquer Their Fear

I'm a casting producer for a new television program aiming to help persons suffering from agoraphobia. Our website is (Info is also pasted below). Interested individuals can apply directly through our website, or email their stories/questions to I can't go public with the network's name quite yet but it's a major cable network.


If you are, then we want to meet you!

It is estimated that more than 3 million Americans suffer from this paralyzing phobia.

Now, Screaming Flea Productions, creators and producers of A&E’s hit show HOARDERS, is working on an all new real life series for a major cable network giving one or more agoraphobics help to venture way outside their homes and a chance to see the world!

This groundbreaking new show spends an extended period of time with a person who is terrified to leave the safety of their home but desperately wants to travel! An expert, highly credentialed therapist experienced in working with agoraphobics provides counseling and therapy from day one.

We are looking for individuals willing to let our compassionate and respectful production crews into their homes and lives to document the journey from agoraphobic to world traveler.

Although there are no guarantees, by the end of the treatment it is hoped that he or she will get on a plane and visit a far off place they’ve only dreamed about actually experiencing in person!

We understand that agoraphobia is an extremely emotional and difficult disorder. It is our hope that sharing these personal stories will help other agoraphobics realize they are not alone. We will also provide valuable information to friends and family on how to help an agoraphobic.

All services, including therapy and the trip abroad to be featured at the end of the series… are provided for free!

We are looking for:

* Individuals who fear leaving their homes and do so as little as possible… if at all!
* Individuals who, despite being afraid to go out, dream of seeing the world, perhaps spending hours reading books and watching TV about travel
* Individuals with friends and/or family affected by their agoraphobia willing to participate in the show.

Whatever your story we are interested in hearing it!

If you or someone you know is an agoraphobic, please contact us immediately. You can:

E-mail us at

Or call our toll free hotline 1-877-859-7425
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

this describes me to a "t" but I am not fit and attractive enough for television! I read about travel, watch travel programs, have such wander lust. I would love to break free from my self imposed restraints. I can leave my house, sure, but I cannot travel beyond a certain point.