Have Anxiety And Agoraphobia

I would like to start by saying when i was about 15 yrs old i started feeling , a feeling of doom coming couldnt quite put my finger on the feeling all i know was it , just got worse and worse , and my palms of my hands would start to sweat and heart palpitate , and out of nowhere i jumped up and ran like i never have and cleared a room of things in my way trying to get out. Anyways i thought i was having a heartattack or stroke , and i really thought i was going to die .After that incident i went to a psyciatrist and he chatted with me and diagnosed me with anxiety agoraphobia , aswell as add , so the psyciatrist put me on xanax to start with and it worked well . within a month it wasnt so then i was put on oxazapam 15 mg  same problem worked for awhile , and stopped now i am on clonazapam , rivotril 3 2 mg 3 times a day and for add 1 20 mg sr ritalin a day ,anyways i have been on clonazapam for over 20 yrs now and its like taking a vitamin, but i guess its doing something cause if i forget to take one i know it in short order...having anxiety agoraphobia has lets say put a dent in my life as far as going in public like grocery stores i do it but damn it feels like i am being chased in the store , and very tense but my shrink said to not avoid the store or ill never get over this problem so reluctantly i go in public when needed , and also i really dont like to go out , and that is impacting my son due to the fact he thinks im a looser and a terrible father , cause he said i never did anything with him its all around a terrible situation , but i tried my best with him and i know he knows it well if you read this thank you and i hope yyou can relate to my problems ,,,mail me if you would like to chat a little about agoraphobia or anything thanks again .....sal

strongandtender strongandtender
46-50, M
Oct 7, 2010